Happy New Year

Best Funny New Year Wishes

Funny New Year Wishes

Funny New Year Wishes & Messages: The long-awaited New Year is fast approaching. The New Year is finally here and the celebrations are picking up. You don’t have to celebrate the New Year with boredom or a sad face. A New Year is not all about chasing goals and making New Year resolutions. It is also about having fun and having memorable experiences. Make everyone around you happy using funny New Year wishes and funny happy New Year message.

Find funny New Year 2022 wishes, messages, sayings, and quotes that you can send to your friend, colleague, or loved ones.

Funny New Year Wishes 2022

Thank God I have another year to bother you with my annoying questions. Get ready to tolerate my annoyance. Happy New Year friend!

Before I pass out after taking my favorite drink on the New Year, I want to send you my New Year’s wishes. May your mind return to factory settings this New Year, Happy New Year 2022!

This is the year to annoy you, be prepared for it will not be easy for you. Anyway, happy New Year 2022!

I was not the best this year, and you want me to apologize then I am not sorry. Nothing is going to change as I will be the same person this year. Have the best New Year!

Funny New Year Wishes

I wish this New Year eve you post something weird on your social media status after getting high. I will be the first person laughing at you the next day. Have a wonderful New Year!

This year may you realize that true fun comes from having more dinners and meeting with people and not meeting virtually. I wish you a great year!

Funny New Year Messages

Happy new year to the person who is crazy and full of stupid ideas! Just kidding! I wish you a happy new year full of God’s blessings.

I wish you start the New Year by leaving your old bad habits and acquiring new bad ones. Happy New Year!

This New Year, I plan to make no mistakes, may you also follow suit. Happy New Year!

To all my friends, I wish you a prosperous and successful year, may your stars shine. This is all an absolute lie. Happy New Year!

I wish you achieve your dreams this year and then lose them all. Just kidding! I wish you a beautiful new year!

This coming New Year, I wish all your success comes my way so that I can be more successful than you. Happy New Year!

Funny Happy New Year Messages

New Year is a time to start afresh, to start things all over again, but you realize things are too complicated and you can’t start. Happy New Year!

A new year comes to enable you to make more resolutions in which you never achieved even for the past year. Happy New Year!

I hope you are not making New Year’s resolutions. Let us just remain with the old ones and try to accomplish them first. We can make a new one in the future. Happy New Year 2022!

New Year, a new start, but you are old, no need for a fresh start. I wish you a happy New Year full of joy and laughter.

May this New Year bring a change in you, May your old bad habits come in a new package but more refined. Happy New Year!

It a new year, can you loan me some cash in advance. I will pay you once the celebrations end

Funny Happy New Year Wishes

In the New Year, I only have one resolution, to criticize and annoy you the best I can. Anyway, I wish you a happy New Year 2022!

This New Year, I wish you chase your dreams less and have fun. Have a very happy new year!

I am very sorry for annoying you throughout the year. Can you give me another chance to annoy you again in the upcoming New Year! Wishing you a happy new year!

Happy New Year! I hope you never drunk all champagne because I am going to need some throughout the year.

It is a new year, let us live to our expectations, we will pick our pieces another year. Happy New Year!

Last year we grew older and had some fun. I hope this New Year will be the same. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Funny New Years Sayings

If you think the New Year will change the way you do things then you are wrong. You are still the same person. Happy New Year!

If you want to survive the coming year, have a carefree life.

When you were young you wanted to stay all night just to celebrate the New Year and now you are old and all you want is to sleep. Happy New Year!

Though I am wishing you a happy new year, remember you are the same person and you still have the same old boyfriend.

This year you are cruising to new heights, may the storms catch you on the way as I don’t want you to be successful than me.

It’s a new year; I have gotten a new chance. I know I have your cash, can you lend me more. I will repay you!

It’s a new year. Get it right so that you won’t be left behind.

Funny New Year Quotes

If you didn’t have any regrets, then it wouldn’t be a New Year. I wish you a happy New Year!

You decided to celebrate and look forward to a new year only to wake up the same person. Happy New Year!

May all your problems last just the same way you never accomplish your New Year’s resolutions!

A New Year, A new beginning, New Resolutions, but the same person! Will things really change!

Drop last year like it never existed, it was full of flawless, and thank God for giving us another year. Don’t forget you also need to be perfect if you want to succeed.

New Year’s Day is the only day that you are accepted to make New Year’s resolutions and forget about them the next day. Happy New Year!

Don’t make the mistake of making your New Year resolutions yearly. Do it every day. Happy New Year!

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