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Best Birthday Wishes For Prince !

One of the best gifts you can give to your prince on the birth anniversary is a beautiful wish fully enriched with pure love. Your prince can be any boy from your family; it can be your son, nephew, grandson, or even your friend. Picking up pure words of love for making a greeting message depends on the age and relationship with the recipient.

Your prince can be a person whom you admire secretly and feel hesitant to show your feelings. With our birthday wishes for prince, you can express your love and all the emotions to your prince charming.

On this page, you can find out the world’s best birthday wishes for prince. Also, keep in mind that it is a special day for him, so you have to make all the preparations by yourself. Indeed, your efforts to make his day special will be appreciated.

Below is a huge amount of sweet and romantic birthday wishes for prince. Let him know how fast your heart beats when he is around!



Below you’ll find all the wishes you need to wish someone you love or care about.

  • Happy Birthday to my handsome boy Have fun and stay strong
  • Happy Birthday my boy Have fun today youre the person of honor
  • Happy Birthday and may all your life be funny and happy as well son
  • Such an awesome son is one of my greatest presents in life Happy Bday
  • Lets make a birthday toast to the Birthday King Happy Birthday my Son
  • Live life to the fullest Have fun but not too much fun Happy Birthday son
  • Hey little man lets blow the candles and cut the cake tonight Happy Birthday
  • Today is your birthday son Go and have a tone of fun Happy birthday from your mommy
  • Sending you blessings of good luck joy and prosperity on your birthday Love you massively
  • Happy Birthday my boy We both love you very much and we love the family weve made together
  • Lets wait until the party to find out what I got you for your birthday Love kisses my boy
  • Good boys like you deserve a lot but lets start with some kisses from mommy Happy Birthday boy
  • Happy birthday May this birthday usher into your life a myriad of joy and prosperity I love you
  • No matter how many years have passed you will always be my little one Happy birthday my beloved son
  • We are truly fortunate to have raised a son such as you Happy Birthday from the bottom of our heart
  • When you came into my life I was complete You are my lifes greatest hit Happy birthday my number one
  • Best wishes for great success and happiness in this new phase of your life Happy birthday beloved son
  • I may want a gift like the ones youll get today but then again I have you Happy Birthday my sweet boy
  • You are the greatest gift to me So I had to make your birthday a special one Enjoy your special day Son
  • Hey boy do you know what day it is today Well lets blow some candles make a wish find out Happy Birthday
  • My son we wish you a happy birthday and many blessing on this day and every day Love always young Mom and Dad
  • I have celebrated every one of your birthday year after year I never get tired of sending you my very best wishes
  • Dear Son youre a part of me and Im a part of you Nothing could separate you from my love Have a very blessed birthday
  • My son you may be in your teens and on your way to becoming a young man but youll always be my baby boy Happy Birthday
  • What an amazing blessing to have a greatly gifted son such as you So grateful to call you my very own son Happy Birthday
  • Happy birthday son May this new age you are celebrating today bring a lot of happiness and accomplishments into your life
  • May this special day make your life infinite times happier than paradise I love you so much my sweet prince Happy birthday
  • To my pride and joy you are the reason I wake up with a smile every morning Have a wonderful birthday from my heart to yours
  • Wishing a thrilling and unforgettable birthday celebration to you May happiness beyond imagination forever reside in your world
  • Wishing a super duper happy and glorious anniversary to you son May your birthday bring immense and boundless happiness into your world
  • Dear Son I love you more than you could ever imagine You mean the world to me Wishing you a very happy birthday and many many more to come
  • Happy birthday I pray that the blessings you receive on this special occasion of your life will lead you to a brighter and happier tomorrow
  • What a sweet little boy everyone said when you came along I knew then that my life would be a storm of honey Happy birthday my sweet prince
  • There are so many ways to wish you a happy birthday but it all boils down to this I love you with all my heart Happy Birthday from your mother
  • My fantastic son I love you to the end of time I love you to the moon and back I will always love you no matter what All the best for your birthday
  • Best wishes to my amazing and beloved second son on turning a new age May the heavens always bestow love joy and protection upon you Happy birthday
  • When you have a son as wonderful and responsible as you theres no need to stay up late worrying Thank you for being the best son ever Happy Birthday
  • Please accept my hearty congratulations on turning a new age today I wish you all the best as you begin this new chapter of your awesome life Happy birthday
  • Many times I was alarmed when you were far from me A mothers job is full of worries But above all my job is to love you till the end of time Happy birthday my loved one
  • We are proud parents of an outstanding young man Our greatest gift is watching you become the independent fearless and accomplished person you have grown into Have a lovely birthday
  • These are the moments I feel time is flying way too fast You have grown from a baby to a young man in a blink of an eye Wishing I could slow time down and wishing you a happy birthday
  • There are too many words I couldnt possibly package them into one little happy birthday wish For you my Son a simple happy birthday just isnt enough I would give you the world if I could
  • Dearest second son may the heavens be kind and generous to you all the days of your life Happy birthday And remember that as long as I have life in my body I will always be there for you
  • Today on your birthday I encourage you to cease every moment reach for the highest heights and take the greatest risks for they will lead you to plenty reward Love always from your father
  • Many years ago on this day our journey began when you came into my life It was then that everything became meaningful I wish you a life full of love joy and meaning my dear son Happy birthday
  • Congratulations on turning an awesome brand new age today son On your birthday I wish you lots of happiness blessings and success I cant thank you enough for making my world a more joyful one
  • Living life is a refreshing experience when you master the art of turning every negative into a positive Remember to approach lifes challenges with a positive mindset Love you always happy birthday
  • Eat your dinner wash your teeth go to bed I was full of instructions you once said Now all grown up and away free to live your everyday as you wish you make me proud of what you are Happy birthday my lifes greatest achievement
  • It is a truly accomplishing and validating feeling to realize that all of your greatest hopes and dreams for your son have come to past I am proud of the fine man that you have become Never stop being amazing Happy Birthday to you
  • My dear son while you are off enjoying the freedoms of adulthood remember me While you are off achieving your goals and living out your dreams remember me Remember that you always have a warm bed to come home to a shoulder to lean on and two listening ears Happy Birthday

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