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Bill Miller Thanksgiving

Updated: Oct. 30, 2018 10:50 a.m.


1of23Bill Miller BBQ Thanksgiving pre-ordering is now available.Twitter Screengrab

It’s Thanksgiving month at Bill Miller BBQ.

The popular San Antonio restaurant chain has announced pre-ordering for Thanksgiving meals is now available online.

“Let’s talk turkey! We take the hassle out of cooking when you pre-order with us. Online ordering is now available,” Bill Miller tweeted Monday.

Orders can be placed for small parties (complete meal for 10 people, about $105 before tax), large party packs (for 20; about $185) or custom created.

In addition to Thanksgiving staples like turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and pumpkin pie, Bill Miller is also offering cream style corn, potato salad, rice, beans, three additional types of meat, five other kinds of pie and three different bread options. Orders can also include extra dressing or gravy, brownies, cobbler and Bill Miller’s famous tea (sweet or unsweetened).

Orders must be placed at least 24 hours in advance of pickup time, according to details on the website. All orders must be placed prior to 8:00 p.m. Nov. 19 and must be picked up before 7 p.m. November 21, Thanksgiving eve.

All orders must be purchased with credit cards.

The Bill Miller Turkey Plate. 
The Bill Miller Turkey Plate.

Camille Sauers

On the morning of Monday, July 12, Bill Miller’s announced the return of its popular Turkey Plate. Inevitably, I scrambled to enter the queue at my nearest drive-thru. It’s been about a year since I’ve had Bill Miller’s so  I was ready to embark on this fast-food journey.

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q
Bill Miller Bar-B-Q

The plate, a Thanksgiving meal with a Texas touch, includes cornbread dressing drowned in gravy, a green bean medley, and hearty slices of white meat turkey breast (I had mine dressed in barbecue sauce). Of course, a Bill Miller meal isn’t fully accessorized without an iced tea, which I am still sipping on as I write this. For the dangerous price of $9.69, you too can enjoy a peaceful meal in the spirit of the Holiday’s without the chaos.

Bill Miller's iced tea. 
Bill Miller’s iced tea.

Camille Sauers

Unwrapping my comfort meal, I was reminded of other occasions I enjoyed warm turkey and stuffing before noon. Visions of that special fall day during youth when my Catholic school cafeteria would pivot from business as usual to “Thanksgiving lunch” became unshakable. Thanksgiving dinners with family at my Tia Hilda’s house always included green lettuce Jell-O, courtesy of my late great grandmother. Unfortunately, Bill Miller’s wasn’t able to pull it together in that respect, but even so, my lunch was everything I hoped it would be.

The meal tasted good, and left me feeling pleasantly satiated. I sopped the residual gravy up with my roll. Life is good.

A warning: I chose to take my meal outside. Eating a Thanksgiving-style meal in July in San Antonio is not a pro move. Before you have yours, it’s crucial you seek air conditioning and shade.

Maybe put on a sweater, then start getting ready for Christmas. That being said, I question why they don’t keep it a November-only option.

All in all, I had a nice lunch. While it’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a Bill Miller meal, I was reminded that the destination is a reliably decent culinary option for Texans near and far.

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