columbus day colors
Columbus Day

Columbus Day Colors

Columbus Day Colors: USA national Holiday. Flag colors – red, blue, and white balloons on wooden board. A strong showing of Italian-American pageantry was held on Fifth Avenue with tens of thousands of New Yorkers and tourists participating, while New Mexico and a number of states and municipalities decided not to celebrate Columbus Day at all. […]

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Best Hank Moody Quotes 2021

Hank Moody Quotes “I guess I see myself as an enthusiast. A drug and alcohol enthusiast.” — Hank Moody, Californication, Californication Season 6: Everybody’s a Fucking Critic “Not to contradict your dear old mom, who’s both wicked smart and wonderful, but, no, we don’t have to be realistic. Not when it comes to love.” — Hank Moody, Californication, Californication Season 1: Girls, Interrupted […]

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Best New Year’s Quotes 2021

Having trouble sticking to your New Year’s resolutions already? Change can be difficult, and sometimes you need some inspirational quotes to help you work toward your goals. Lucky for us, some of the world’s best writers and thinkers have tackled the annual New Year’s shift, and their thoughts on the matter will help you get in the right frame […]

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Best Claptrap Quotes 2021

CL4P-TP, better known as Claptrap, is a fictional character in the ‘Borderlands’ video game series. It is a general-purpose robot created by a manufacturer called Hyperion in the game. Claptrap appears as a non-playable character in all ‘Borderlands’ games. ‘Borderlands’ is a very popular sci-fi video game series. It is a first-person shooter, open-world game […]

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Best Bluntness Quotes 2021

#1. He cocked his head to the side. “Did he die well?” “He died screaming.” Charlotte’s bluntness startled Tessa. “What a beautiful thing to hear. – Author: Cassandra Clare #2. I’ve found that being blunt sometimes makes life easier for everyone – Author: Matthew Quick #3. I have a reputation for speaking my mind. I like to think my candor and bluntness will give […]