Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny Neymar

Amanda Cerny’s video on the bed that breaks records: Neymar likes it!

The humorist’s response to Lele Pons has not been long in coming

Amanda Cerny Neymar We already knew all of us who follow the life and work of Amanda Cerny with the eyes of a lamb that after the staging of her friend Lele Pons on the occasion of Halloween her response, the video with which to put the tip to the other humorist It wasn’t going to take.


Amanda Cerny Neymar
Amanda Cerny Neymar


And it is that in this war of who is more than who or with whom one more laughs, Lele and Amanda are very equal in votes and any false movement can trigger an escape from the faithful in search of the other comedy, go fight!

In impossible costumes and some skin and curves the Pons tactic has been based, with good results, Cerny’s offensive has come in the form of a video that promises and seems to have all of those to win.


Amanda Cerny Neymar
Amanda Cerny Neymar


The one who was a Playboy girl has noticed how difficult it is to make a bed, has its grace and may seem bland, but placing a sheet on a mattress requires technique, experience and patience. And this is demonstrated in a humorous way.

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That if he hooks the sheet through one corner and escapes through the other and if, when he almost believes it, having the piece of cloth seems to come to life and twist in the center of the mattress, the purest and crudest reality in a humorous way. hand of a beautiful one of the real ones, and although it seems like a lie one can laugh seeing Amanda Cerny in bed!


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A counterattack is expected to be afraid of her ‘ex’ friend and new adversary to start the story of never ending between these two.

The thing is that they have not realized that we like them almost equally and that we have no intention of deciding on one or the other, beyond them.

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