Father's Day

10 Fun Father’s Day Activities

This Father’s Day, take Dad out for something that you both can enjoy. Check out these easy and fun activities.

This Father’s Day, take Dad out for something that you both can enjoy. Check out these easy and fun activities.

Whether it’s extreme, deep sea, or a trip to the neighborhood lake, a fishing trip can be a great time to connect with your dad, and with nature. Book an overnight trip or pick Dad up early for a day of fishing and bonding.Life Lessons from “Fishing With Dad” | The New Yorker

Outdoor music festival
The warm June weather is a perfect time to take Dad out for a music festival. Whether its rock, soul, classical, or country, there are plenty of opportunities to check out great music in your area.How to Survive Summer Music Festival Season - Condé Nast Traveler

Sign-up for a trip to paintball country and let Dad explore his inner warrior. From indoor to outdoor venues, you’re sure to have fun with a little friendly battle. Find a local paintball venue here.How About Some Paintball With Your Dad?

Take a day with Dad and give back to your community by volunteering at a local soup kitchen, community garden, or outreach program. Turn spending time with Dad into a meaningful opportunity to help those around you.Loving Dad And His Son Volunteer At Community Clothing Drive High ...

Spa day
Everyone deserves to be pampered, even Dad. Book him a trip to the spa for a massage or a hair cut, or even to get a professional shave.spa day The best thing about spa days with Alice Bee? The ...

Archives tour
For the history buff, check with your local library or historical society and ask if tours are available of their stacks and archives. Many organizations will be happy to show you a behind-the-scenes look at your town’s history.Digging into the archives on Father's Day

Battle reenactment
Hop in a time machine and head to the 19th or 18th centuries to watch a Civil or Revolutionary War reenactment. Both you and Dad will enjoy experiencing a slice of history.Father's Day Activities: 17 Fun Ideas Dads Love | Reader's Digest

Car show
Dad a car nut? Contact your local car clubs to find a nearby show of amazing vintage hot-rods or the latest electric car.Cars and Coffee Talk: Father/Son project……do you have one?

Even Dad likes to go shopping, but it just may not be at the mall.  Take Dad to all of his favorite stores and spend the day shopping for anything from wrenches to antiques.Dad With Daughter Shopping In Mall Stock Photo, Picture And ...

Cooking class
Book a cooking class with Dad that explores his favorite cuisine. Dad can use the opportunity to spice up his skills, or maybe show off a few you never knew he had!

Cooking with Dad | Princeton NJ 08540 | PrincetonKIDS

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