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55+ Cheer Up Quotes

There are times when you see the people who are important to you all gloomy and lonely and you want to do something for them. Even the smallest thing that can help them, you want to do that for them, you want to find a reason to be able to make them smile, something to cheer them up and make them happy once more. When this time comes and you cannot think of anything else to do, some cheer up quotes will surely save your day and help you. Here are some of the best cheer up quotes you can try out.

You are going to get through this because you are a strong person and I know it, cheer up!


Dear friend, I hope you know that I will always be here to support you. Now, cheer up, man!


I believe in you and I believe that you are going to get through all the problems you have now.


These times may be hard right now but they are going to get better, that I assure you, friend.


I will keep on cheering you on, no matter what things you partake in, do not be sad anymore.


I hope you know that I am thinking of you and that I care so much about you, my dear friend.


There is someone out there who is very sad right now because you are lonely, cheer up please.


Someday, the things you are going through right now will only be something to laugh upon.


You are someone’s reason for happiness so please stop being sad and cheer up once more!


I will be here for you, always, no matter what you are going through, so cheer up for me.


Cheer up! There are people who are going through worse problems than you are right now.


No matter what your problems are right now, just think about all the fun we always have.


Things may be hard right now but soon enough, you will finally see the light at the end of this.


There will be tough days but one day there will come a time when everything will be alright.


It can be today or it can be tomorrow but I am telling you things will be better and better.


Some days will be bad days, some days will seem like it is raining but it will be alright, friend.



I am telling you that you are going to be okay, you are going to get better, so cheer up for now.


I will be here to listen to you in all your bad days, just call on me and I would be there for you.


Trust me when I say that there will be better days, you just need to keep hoping and trusting.


There will always be hope as long as you believe, as long as you trust that tomorrow is there.


Hold my hand, my friend and I am promising you that I will bring you to better days soon.


It may be tough now, it may be sad now but someday you are going to be alright, soon enough.


Keep the faith and keep on moving forward and you will see that you are going to be better.


Whatever you may be going through right now, believe me when I say I will be here for you.


Cheer up my friend, I will be here for you now and until the end of time, forever and ever, love.


Please be alright, I know you are going through bad things now but soon it will be gone.


I will chase all your bad dreams away, I will be here for you when things get bad, I’ll be here.


Just keep on doing the things you love and believe me, one day, you are going to be good at it.


You just need to find out what you want to do and then things will be better, it will be okay.


Dear girl, you are going to be fine, everything is going to go back the way it is, smile.


Cheer up, my dear, no matter what it is things will be alright, things will be okay soon enough.


Just be alright, just tell yourself that things will be okay, fake it until you finally make it.


I wanted to tell you that you will be okay but hey I know that you are going to be, no worries.


I used to believe that everything would be fine but now I know that they will be, they will be.


All that is left is hope and that is the only thing that keeps people alive in this world of lies.


Maybe someday you and I will be alright, but for now we have to cheer up and be okay.


Sometimes you start from pretending that you are okay until you finally get to be alright.


You are strong, you are brave and because you are you need to show the world you are okay.


If you just trust yourself then I assure you things are going to be a whole lot better, friend.


It’s okay, my friend, all you need to do is try again, you are going to get better at it for sure.


When you fail, do not give up, do not lose hope because you need to try it again, and again.


Sometimes you just need to keep trying and trying until you finally get it right sometime.


I know you, you are awesome, you are strong and you will be able to make things better.


Fight for the things you want, fight for the things you need and soon enough you will be okay.


You just need to find the will to do the things that are right even though they may be hard.


Some days, I still think that there are reasons for the failures I have achieved, I still believe.


You do not get another shot at it, you need to realize that you need to do your best, always.


You open up my eyes in things that matters and I love that about you, for giving me hope.


Thank you for always giving me hope now, let me make it up to you by cheering you up.


I will keep on cheering you up even when you are down, I will try to make you smile whenever.


You may be sad now but after a while maybe I can make things a whole lot better than you.


There is no sense in going back now after how far you have made it so just keep going on.


Al you have to do now is move forward, there is no sense mourning about the irreversible past.


Keep your eyes up ahead and realize that things are bound to get better, it will, believe me.


You are going to be alright, you are going to get better because you are stronger than ever.


Just be strong, just go and try to find the light, I know you will get there, I know you will be.


You are wonderful for waking up in the morning even when it sucks to do so, you deserve it.


You deserve to be happy, you deserve to smile, so do not stay lonely and get the things you deserve, my dear friend, you will be fine.


You are my favorite kind of happiness, you can cheer me up without even doing anything.


Until now I am hoping that somehow you will figure out that life is meant to be lived.


Every second counts so you need to make it the best of your life, just keep moving, go for it.


You can do this! You will be alright at the end of this all, you are very strong and I know that.


As long as you believe in yourself, things are bound to be better, things are going to be fine.


Keep on moving, keep on loving yourself and soon enough you will realize you are okay.


You will be okay, you just have to believe that and when you do, you will really be alright.


It may be hard, sometimes things are really hard but you just need to pray and hope for it.


Prayers can make miracles happen so just keep on believing things will be fine, it would.


Cheer up, it may look all rainy and dark as of the moment but soon there will be some sun.


All you need to remember is that there will always be a rainbow after the rain.


So just look forward to what is at the end of the rainbow, you deserve this, keep going!


Cheer up! Nothing is going to happen if you keep being on the negative side of things.


Maybe you can just think that the glass is half full for now, so keep walking for now, dear.


Things are going to be better, I promise you, they will be alright, soon, just hold on, love.


Hold on, there is a better tomorrow, there is a better future waiting for you out there.


You need to just keep believing that things are going to get better, I am telling you they are.


I hope that you realize that the things that matter to you are the things you love the most.


Cheer up, you fool, there is a future waiting for you out there, waiting for you to get out of this slump you are in right now.


And when it all comes down to it, the best way to move on from your situation is to cheer up.


There will be moments of loss, moments of regret but all you can do now is to keep moving forward.


So just cheer up and smile, things are looking better up ahead that one way road.


The way you are right now, the best you can do is just cheer up a bit and move forward.


You need to have the courage to go through all of this, let us start it by cheering up.


Someday you will finally realize why I am going through this trouble of cheering you up, one day.


I hope you remember me as the one who always did her best to cheer you up, always.


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