Father's Day

51 gifts your dad will actually enjoy — for every budget

When it comes to getting your dad any sort of gift, your conversation probably goes something like this:

You: “Dad, what do you want for [insert holiday here]?”

Him: “I don’t know. You don’t have to get me anything.”

If you aren’t sure what to get Dad this year, you’ve found the right gift guide. We’ve put together a list of 51 presents all dads will love, from sleek leather goods and high-tech cooking gadgets to an on-demand massage service and a cookbook that’ll let him recreate the famous Shake Shack burger at home. We even threw in a “Star Wars” Lego set to delight his inner child for good measure.

Here are 51 thoughtful gifts for dad:

An electric wine opener



This electric cork screw will help dad open any bottle of wine without the hassle. Throw in his favorite bottle along with the wine opener for the ultimate gift any wine aficionado would love.

A sleek leather wallet

bellroy $90


This slim leather wallet from Bellroy is perfect for dads who prefer minimalist accessories. It comes in a bunch of colors, so you’ll be able to find the perfect match. Bellroy also sells phone cases, work bags and backpacks, and key covers.

A cold brew coffee subscription

Trade Coffee

Trade Coffee

Trade Coffee sells all kinds of specialty coffee beans and grounds for regular coffee, cold brew, and espresso. Its cold brew coffee subscription is a great gift for dads because it can be tailored to match his taste preferences. Just take the quiz, see roasters that match his tastes, and choose the frequency of delivery. Trade Coffee’s eco-friendly brew bags make preparing cold brew at home easy, too.

*Sponsored by Trade Coffee

A durable, temperature-maintaining water bottle


Hydroflask Instagram

Hydro Flasks are great for any situation, from camping to commuting. This durable, insulated water bottle does a masterful job of making sure drinks keep their temperatures.

Breathable and machine-washable sneakers

gifts for dad, allbirds


These merino wool sneakers from Allbirds, Silicon Valley’s favorite shoe brand, are the perfect mix of sporty and stylish. They come in tons of colors and are even machine washable.

Tie-dye socks to liven up his outfits



They may just seem like a basic, everyday accessory, but socks are among the most underrated gifts you can give. Dad will love these Bombas socks made from soft and warm merino wool.

A Disney Plus subscription

Originals Disney Plus 4x3

Alyssa Powell/Business Insider

It gives Dad unlimited access to movies and shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and 20th Century Fox. Read everything there is to know about Disney Plus over here.

And if he needs some binge-spiration, here are all the new movies available to stream.

A Baby Yoda PopSocket



If he can’t get enough of Baby Yoda, he’ll love this adorable PopSocket. He can use it to position his phone for the optimal streaming of “The Mandolorian” during his commute. This would be a great gift alongside a Disney Plus subscription since he’ll have a present to unwrap.

Soft, crisp sheets and bedding

brooklinen sheets


Brooklinen’s luxe sheets are among our favorites for their affordable price, sophisticated look, and unbelievable comfort. The company’s Hardcore Sheet Bundles have everything your dad needs to completely makeover his bed — and stay nice and cozy all year long. They include a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, a duvet cover, and four pillowcases.

A SodaStream

gifts for dad__


The SodaStream Fizzi lets you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. Dad can adjust the fizziness and flavor level to his personal taste.

The Amazon Echo Show

gifts for him 3


There’s an ever-so-slight learning curve in figuring out what Amazon’s Alexa can and can’t do, but once that’s passed, the Echo Show can forecast the weather, read an audiobook, order a pizza, tell jokes, or any number of things Dad should find charming. Unlike the Echo or Echo Dot, the Echo Show also has a screen for displaying information.

A distinctive leather watch

FL watch

Filippo Loreti

You can’t go wrong with giving a watch as a gift. This Italian leather and gold watch from Filippo Loreti, Kickstarter’s most funded watch brand ever, is a timeless option that any dad will love.

A device that improves golfing skills



If your dad is a big golfer, this performance-tracking system is a fun addition to his golf bag.

A ‘Star Wars’ LEGO for the big kid at heart



If your dad is a “Star Wars” fan and really just a big kid at heart, you won’t want to miss out on giving him a ‘Star Wars’ LEGO. The $800 Millennium Falcon might be the coolest set LEGO has right now, but we like the $60 AT-AP Walker for something more budget-friendly.


A custom map poster



Grafomap is a website that lets you design map posters of any place in the world. You can make one of your dad’s hometown, his college town, his favorite travel destination, or the place where he got engaged or married — you’re only limited by your imagination.

A heated massager to melt the day away

neck and shoulder messager


After a long day, all Dad wants is some true relaxation to melt away the tension that’s built up. While he can’t get a real massage every day, you can give him this at-home shiatsu massager, which can give a quality massage for much less.

A relaxing massage he can book to his home

soothe massage


Soothe is a relatively new service that can help Dad book a massage to his home in as little as an hour. The company will match his massage request with a vetted, certified massage therapist available in his area at the specified time. They offer Swedish, deep tissue, sports, prenatal, and couples massages.

Soothe is currently available to book in 66 cities in the US and Canada. If you’re not sure what amount to choose for a gift card, Soothe says the average cost for a one-time, 60-minute massage is $115, but price varies by location, with cities like New York charging up to $182 for that treatment. Soothe also offers subscriptions if you really want to pamper him this year.

A luxurious shave kit

Harry's shave kit


This shave set from Harry’s is as sleek as it gets at this price. To go the extra mile, you can get his initials engraved into the razor.

A freshly scented beard wash and conditioner set

BeardWashandConditionerSet Detail

The Art of Shaving

Soap and water can leave his facial hair dry and scratchy. Bearded dads need this soothing beard wash and conditioner set from The Art of Shaving in their lives.

A sous-vide device for ambitious home cooks

anova nano $99


For under $100, the Anova sous vide is a reasonably priced investment that just might change Dad’s life for the better. Not only will it boil and poach eggs with ease, it’ll also produce tender, perfectly cooked meat every time.

A cozy and supportive pillow



Give the gift of a good night’s sleep with this luxurious and supportive pillow from mattress startup Leesa.

A 10-pack of soft and stylish underwear

meundies $150


Made from MicroModal and elastane, MeUndies claims its underwear is three times softer than cotton. We think its boxers are so comfortable they’ll blow Dad’s mind.

Comfortable and stylish jeans

1 mott & bow $118

Mott & Bow

Amazon’s new waterproof Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite


If your dad is tired of lugging around heavy hardcovers, the Kindle Paperwhite is an extremely thoughtful and practical gift. The latest version is now waterproof too.

A hot sauce sampler pack

Hot Sauces Sample Set


If you’re not quite sure what kind of hot sauce your dad likes, or if he isn’t committed to this or that variety of the spicy stuff, then a The Good Hurt Fuego Hot Sauces Sampler is a great gift idea. It features sauces made with peppers that come from India, Mexico, and beyond, and it has flavors ranging from Chipotle Pepper to Garlic Herb to Whiskey Habanero.

A classic stovetop espresso maker

bialetti coffee pot

Arek Olek/Flickr

This classic kitchen accessory is perfect for the coffee-loving dad who wants to bring cafe-quality coffee home. The Bialetti stovetop espresso maker not only makes great coffee, but it looks great on the counter.

A personalized sports jersey


MLB Shop

The sports-loving dad won’t want to take this jersey off. At the MLB Shop and NFL Shop, you can order a personalized jersey with your dad’s name on the back.

An all-encompassing online subscription

Amazon Prime Boxes

Jeramey Lende/Shutterstock

Everyone loves Amazon Prime and the plethora of perks that come with a membership, so why not gift a subscription for an entire year?

An at-home workout system

trx $179.95


For the active dad, you can bring the gym home with this TRX trainer.

A modern turntable

u turn $459

U-Turn Audio

This turntable is the sleek home accessory your dad didn’t know he needed. He can bring his old records out of storage and enjoy them with this modern record player.

A record organization system

Record dividers


Your dad can organize his records in style with this alphabetical wooden divider set.

A subscription service for new vinyl every month

Vinyl Me

Vinyl Me

Every person’s vinyl collection is deeply personal, so instead of trying to guess his taste, let him choose the record himself. Each month, he’ll choose and receive one LP, pressed exclusively for Vinyl Me, Please, from a collection of Essentials, Classics, and Rap & Hip Hop.

The three-month gift membership includes one bonus record, while the six- and 12-month ones include two bonus records.

A streaming TV player

roku $99


A media streaming device can transform your dad’s so-called dumb TV into a smart one that plays shows and movies from Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Prime Video, and other streaming services. The best of the bunch is the Roku Ultra with its easy-to-use interface and 4K video streaming.

A handy duffel bag

1 aer $170

Aer Designs

If your dad is a frequent traveler or gym-goer, he’ll love this versatile duffel bag and backpack hybrid.

A modular lighting system

nanoleaf $200

Urban Outfitters

This unique lighting system not only looks cool, but it can also replicate a natural sunrise and combat the effects of seasonal sunshine deprivation.

A movie night



Nothing beats going to the movies with his kids.

Modern over-ear headphones

 Status Audio CB 1


The perfect pair of over-ear headphones are both highly comfortable and sound great. For $69, this pair from Status Audio is among the best you’ll find for less than $100.

A handy multi-functional tool

leatherman $90


This multi-functional tool does it all, plus it has a 25-year guarantee.

A leather iPhone X case

nomad case


If your dad has the new iPhone X, he’ll definitely need a protective yet stylish case. This brown leather case is also available for the iPhone X/Xs.

A fast wireless charger and accessory tray


Stay Courant

Give your dad the gift of organization with this accessory tray and wireless charger combo. The pebbled leather is a much-needed upgrade from all the plastic tech accessories he has lying around, and the catchall tray is useful and thoughtful. It also means he’ll stop asking you where his keys are three times before leaving the house.

Stylish computer glasses


Felix Gray

If he sits in front of a computer every day, he needs these blue light glasses that increase magnification, reduce glare, and filter out blue light in order to reduce eyestrain. They’re also available with prescription lenses — we tried them and loved them.

A weighted blanket with cooling technology



Does Dad always need a blanket to fall asleep, but struggles not to overheat under heavy blankets? This weighted blanket’s soothing feel is appropriate for the winter, but the cooling technology will prevent him from overheating.

A health and ancestry genetic test kit

1 23andme $200


This genetic test kit from 23andMe is great for the dad who’s interested in learning more about his family history.

A cookbook from his favorite burger joint

shake shack $17


If your dad is a fan of Shake Shack, he’ll love this cook book that will teach him how to make his very own ShackBurger.

A drone



This quadcopter will prove that you’re never too old to play with toys.

A ceramic pizza stone

gifts for him 4

Wiliams Sonoma

Homemade pizza is delicious, but it can be tricky to perfect. This ceramic pizza stone will make sure his pizza comes out perfectly cooked every time.

An iPad

Apple iPad


Tech-obsessed dads will love to get their hands on the latest iPad.

A leather iPad case

leatherology $155


This leather iPad portfolio comes in 17 colors, so there’s sure to be one that your dad will like. You can even get it monogrammed for an extra personal touch.

A durable and waterproof speaker



The Rålis is Urbanears’ first portable Bluetooth speaker and it sounds as good as it looks. It’s a little pricey, but the sound quality is impressive enough to warrant spending the $200.

An alarm clock that uses light to wake him up gently

51447I FftL._SL1300_


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