Father's Day

5 Priceless Father’s Day Gifts that Dad Will Love


Every Father’s Day you rack your brain trying to find that perfect gift, but always seem to settle for the usual tie, cologne, socks or latest gadget or tool. This year, surprise that important man in your life with something he’ll treasure forever instead of something else to stuff in a drawer or add to the pile in the garage. Here are a few ideas to get you started…you may even come up with your own version or a new idea after reading these!

1. 101 Reasons—Make a list of 101 reasons you are glad he’s your father or 101 memories you love from your childhood. Write it in your own hand, on nice paper—you can even embellish it with stickers, drawings or other artistic elements.

2. Coupon Book—Make a “coupon book” of things you know your Dad enjoys. It can have a coupon for “an evening stroll around the neighborhood together,” “one Sunday together doing nothing,” “a day fishing at your favorite spot,” “a free lawn mowing and hedge trimming,” (all Dad’s like free stuff!) or “3 games of checkers, loser buys the ice cream.” Make it fun, but simple. Don’t get carried away, obligating yourself too much would spoil the fun. Stick to 8 to 10 items.

3. Collage and Note/Poem—Make a photo collage of your favorite pictures of your Dad and write a note or a poem to go with it. It doesn’t have to be long or rhyme, it just needs to be from the heart. Frame the collage and note/poem together or make them into a card. Get creative.

4. Music Video—Make a short music video using photos from your childhood and a favorite song about Dads that he would like. Using apps available on your smartphone or programs on your computer, you can create a personal heart-warming video in an hour or less.

5. Collection of Notes—My last suggestion might take some extra effort, but it is definitely worth it. Ask people that know your father well to write a note to him, telling him what they admire about him and his parenting ability and maybe a special memory of him as a father that stands out to them. Gather these and put them in a photo album so they are protected and he can read them over and over.

No Dad is perfect, but they are our Dads and we love them. Every Dad enjoys a thoughtful gift and Father’s Day is the perfect time to show him how much you care. After all, next to our Moms…they have the toughest jobs in the world.

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