Father's Day

5 Cool Homemade Father’s Day Cards for Kids to Make

Looking for a unique homemade Father’s Day card for the kids to make for Dad this year? We have a few that your kids will love! All of these cards are easy to make and involve a fun art process, and will delight Dads, Step-Dads and Grandpas alike.

Nothing says “I love you, Dad” more than a homemade card on his special day. A homemade card carries so much more meaning than one purchased in a store. It’s truly an expression of your child’s love and creativity and can be kept a keepsake for years.

Over the years, we’ve come up with some really fun and creative Father’s Day cards using unique art processes and paper folding techniques. They’re all fun and easy, and great for all ages of kids to make.

Whether Dad is a necktie, bowtie, or tee-shirt kind of guy, you’ll find the perfect homemade card below.

If you’re looking for homemade Father’s Day gifts, you’ll find those here.


Homemade Shirt and Tie cards for Father's Day


This shirt and tie Father’s Day card, we’ve taken the traditional construction paper shirt and tie card up a notch with scrap fabric and buttons. Kids of all ages love exploring fabric samples and digging through a button collection, so this card will be a hit with everyone. Toddlers and preschoolers will just need some help folding the collar.

Father's Day Bow Tie Cards

This bow tie Father’s Day card is fun for kids who like origami and paper folding. Kids can use patterned paper to make their tie, but we decorated our own with paint.

Shirt and Tie card scented with shaving creamThis scented necktie card smells just like Dad does after a shave. The process for decorating and scenting the tie is really fun and one that all ages will enjoy.


Tie Dye Tee Shirt Father's Day Cards

Here’s a “tee-rific” card for Dads who love their tee shirt collection. Tie-dyeing the paper towel tee shirts is loads of fun and produces a truly unique card that Dad will cherish.

Cool Pop Father's Day Card

Is your pop the coolest? Tell him so with this “cool pop” Father’s Day card! This card is super-easy to make, and all ages will have fun with the process.

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