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45 Small, Nice Things to Do For Your Wife on Mother’s Day — Or Whenever

Mother’s Day gives you a defined time to refocus on the woman with whom you share your life. Yes, yes doing something nice for the woman who made you a dad should be an everyday affair. Small gestures that demonstrate your love and appreciation aren’t difficult to make and rarely do they take much time. But, when caught in the hustle of life with kids, it’s easy to forget sometimes to express appreciation, tell her I love you, or that she’s so good at being a mom. It’s nice to have a day to celebrate the woman you love and make explicit what often goes unsaid.

So the question is, “What to do on Mother’s Day?” Well, while Mother’s Day means different things to different moms ⏤ some enjoy quality time as a family; others desperately want to escape their kids/husband and feel like their old self for a moment. This year, in particular, with coronavirus and social distancing and limited resources, Mother’s Day will be particularly memorable. But still, there is no shortage of things to do on Mother’s Day to make her feel special, appreciated, and loved. In honor of Mother’s Day, here are 50 suggestions to get you started.

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Advertisement50 Small, Nice Things to Do for Your Wife on Mother’s Day

  1. Help your children write her a heartfelt (or silly) rhyming poem. Frame it.
  2. Throw a family picnic in the backyard Get a baguette, some nice cheeses, maybe some olives. Definitely wine. Make it all about her.
  3. Fix that thing in the house you’ve been saying you’d fix.
  4. Surprise her by dressing the kids up in their nice clothes; also handle the removal of said nice clothes when they’re covered in food, poop, or both.
  5. Get her a nice card. Sit down and spend some time writing a note inside.
  6. Take the kids so she can sleep in without interruption. Leave a thermos full of coffee on her nightstand. Or, better yet, a tall mimosa.
  7. Spend the morning making Mother’s Day crafts with the kids. Not only does she get something nice, but it also gives her some coveted me time.
  8. Clean out/vacuum her car and the car seats. Remove all of the kids’ stuff. All of it, dammit.
  9. Help the kids make her breakfast. Film part of it so she can enjoy their (very messy) efforts while she eats. Don’t serve it in bed. That’s gross.
  10. Get up early with the baby.
  11. Schedule a Zoom dinner with her family and friends.
  12. Stick random ‘thank you’ notes around the house acknowledging all the things she does ⏤ either from you or the kids. For example: ‘Thanks for making my lunch, mom!’ goes in the lunchbox, or “I love clean clothes, Thanks for doing my laundry!” goes in the kids’ dresser drawer.
  13. Take a walk together around the neighborhood after the kids are asleep. Hold her hand.
  14. Give her control of every media system for the entire day.
  15. Have the kids tell her exactly why they think she’s a great mom. Coach them. Coax out specifics.
  16. Clean the whole house. On Saturday. That way she has an entire day to not worry about what needs to get done.
  17. Send her our on a run, or schedule her an online fitness class. Give her time anywhere without the kids so she can feel like her old self for an hour or two.
  18. Buy her a bottle of her favorite booze. Give it to her from the kids.
  19. Set up a mom party. Invite her best friends over via Zoom for drinks. Make snacks. Celebrate all the moms.
  20. Get your kids ‘best mom’ t-shirts. They’re cheesy, sure. But cheesy works.
  21. Pedicure. Pedicure. Pedicure. Make sure she gets one.
  22. Print out lots and lots and lots of mom pictures. Hand them over or stick them around the house.
  23. Ask her what she wants to do. Listen. Don’t complain when she answers.
  24. Splice together all those silly movie clips of her and the kids that are sitting on your phone.
  25. Print out all the family photos she has on her phone but hasn’t had time to organize.
  26. Use the kids’ art supplies to make something for her, even if you suck at arts and crafts. Could be a poem, painting, song, drawing. Whatever it is, just make it heartfelt.
  27. Just tell her about a random time she blew you away as a mother. Could be how she calmed the kid down during an epic tantrum. Could be about how she did all the packing, for the whole family, before your vacation. Be specific.
  28. Call your mother-in-law and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. Your wife will appreciate this, especially if you and her mom hate each other.
  29. Two words: Spa. Day.
  30. Spend a little too much money on something she doesn’t need but will love.
  31. Take a funny photo of you and the kids. Make it the background on her phone.
  32. Get her a pair of super dope slippers.
  33. Break out some old photos of the days you brought your kids home and wax nostalgic about how new everything was then. Indulge in some sweet memories. Reminisce. Make her laugh.
  34. Foot massage. Neck massage. Back massage. Whichever is her spot, take care of it.
  35. Take a family bike ride.
  36. Give her flowers. Mums are nice. Lilies, too. Get fancy and find some ranunculi. Anything but roses. Unless she loves roses.
  37. Speaking of gardens: Start her one with fresh herbs — even if said garden is just a large flower box. Plant some rosemary, thyme, and basil.
  38. Order in a bunch of her favorite foods from the various restaurants she loves.
  39. Do a face mask with her. Get your cuticles trimmed.
  40. Go on a family hike.
  41. Tell her she’s sexy. Seriously, even on Mother’s Day, tell her you want her.
  42. Instead of buying flowers, buy her plants (or succulents). Plant them in the yard, then surprise her with the result.
  43. Change every diaper or wipe every toddler butt for the entire day.
  44. Leave her a love note that says you’re lucky to have her as the mother of your children.
  45. Find the time to tell her she’s a wonderful mom and that your family wouldn’t be anything without her.

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