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30 Cute and Delicious Mother’s Day Cupcake Ideas!

Although Mother’s really should be pampered every day for all they do, dedicating this special day for them is very important. It is a nice way to let your dearest momma know how much you appreciate her. However, finding something that equates to her worth can feel like a hopeless cause, however, beginning with sweets could be a very good start.

All moms have a knack for something so why not combine that with a delicious treat like a cupcake. We have found 30 inspiring cupcakes that you can make and give to your mom for Mother’s day. For the Momma’s out there send these ideas to your partner so they can create these with your kids for you!

1. Rosette Cupcakes

These floral-inspired cupcakes are very adorable and fun. Show your momma some love with these pink and yellow rosette cupcakes.

Using different piping tools you can help you achieve different designs and sizes of rosettes on your cupcakes. You could even add these adorable mothers day flags as a cupcake topper for added decoration. She’ll definitely appreciate your efforts.

2. Love Mom Sweet Cakes

If you’re new to fondant decorating these adorable little cupcakes would be a great way to start. Instead of using regular icing you can top off your cupcakes with a sweet little slab of fondant. This one isn’t store bought either, it’s homemade and is supposed to taste like a pillow of sugar!

If you like easy you can even resort to box cake mix for your cupcakes and devote all your efforts to the fondant making. Finish off these lovely cupcakes with messages to mom from piped icing.

3. 5-Step Blooming Cupcake Bouquet

Instead of giving Mom a bouquet of flowers or to add to her fresh flowers you could consider giving her a cupcake bouquet. This tutorial walks you through how to make this bouquet yourself. It requires minimal materials that even the kids can get involved.

You create the round bouquet shape with a styrofoam ball that sits in a vase. Paper cups and toothpicks are what will hold the cupcakes in place. The last step is to decorate your capes with different textures to make them look like beautiful flowers.

4. Mini Flower Cakes

These adorable mini cakes are a game changer to ordinary cupcakes. They look like miniature decorated cakes but are in a cupcake size!

Inbetween each layer is a luscious dollop of icing giving you all the more sweetness to enjoy. Top off these mini cakes with little rosettes and change up the colors to suit Moms favorites. You can even serve these mini flower cakes to Mom on a cake platter as a sweet breakfast in bed treat.

5. Funfetti Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Try this unique way of presenting cupcakes for mom this Mother’s day! These cupcakes are baked in an ice cream cone giving them a cute and fun new look.

Instead of going out for ice cream this Mother’s day bring the ice cream to her but as a cupcake instead! The swirled icing on top helps give the illusion that there is a scoop of ice cream but you’ll get a delicious little surprise once you bite into.

6. Melted Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Following the ice cream theme, instead of baking the cupcake in the cone you can make your cupcakes a melted ice cream themed instead. If Momma is a true ice cream lover then she’ll get a kick out of these.

These cupcakes are very easy and require minimal effort and skill! If you don’t feel like you have a hack for creativity, don’t worry you can make these too. Simply use box cake mix to makes things easy and you can even buy store bought frosting as well. The only real effort you’ll have to do is whisking the chocolate ganache together and then assembling these adorable little cupcakes.

7. Buttercream Cupcake Bouquet

These buttercream cupcake bouquets are another fun way to present cupcakes to Mom in the form of flowers. Instead of making a 3D interpretation of a bouquet you can make it in a flat display.

This tutorial walks you through how to ice flowers using different piping nozzles. Use vibrant colors to show off the petals on each cupcake. Instead of tossing the stem trims from your real bouquet of flowers use them for this display to give it a dramatic effect.

8. Flowerpot Cupcakes

Why not give mom a flowerpot cupcake instead of a real one! It’s still aesthetically pleasing and she gets to enjoy a sweet treat too. These cupcakes are baked in a terracotta pot and then topped off with crushed oreo crumbs to look like potting soil.

You can find the pots at many crafts store but make sure to check that they are oven safe and not glazed. Top off your flower pots with little paper flowers. This is a chocolate delight that the kids can make easily for Mom!

9. Hydrangea Cupcakes

Hydrangea has always been one of my Mom’s favorite flowers, if it’s yours too you’ll want to make these beautiful cupcakes.  These delicious chocolate cupcakes are topped off with a sweet buttercream frosting that Mom will love.

The secret to getting the texture in your flowers is to use a piping bag and to layer the colors. The texture stands out with the multi-color tones giving it the hydrangea petals effect.

10. Sangria Cupcakes

If Mom is a sangria lover you’ll want to make her these charming cupcakes, she’ll be blown away! The best part about sangria is you still get to enjoy delicious wine but with a sweeter touch of fresh fruit.

These cupcakes take on just that, there is fresh fruit in the batter of the cupcakes and then the frosting is made out of red wine and buttercream. Top off the cupcakes with fresh fruit slices for a delicious treat and a beautiful display.

11. Vanilla Red Wine Berry Cupcakes

If sangria is too sweet for Mom you can make her red wine cupcakes instead. These cupcakes take Pinot Noir and give ordinary cupcakes a serious and adult approved upgrade.

First, these vanilla bean cupcakes have a Pinot Noir berry filling and then are perfectly topped off with berry Italian meringue buttercream. Mom will definitely be impressed with these little desserts.

12. Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes

These cute marshmallow flower cupcakes are very easy to make which means you can have the kiddos join in on the fun crafting for mom. To start you’ll use box cake mix to make things easy for everyone. This recipe uses funfetti cake mix but you could really use whichever flavor is Moms favorite.

The flowers are made out of jumbo marshmallows. You simply have to cut them into slices and then decorate the pedals with sprinkles or colored sugar. After you ice the cupcakes the marshmallows will stick nicely on. Mom will love all the hard work you put into these.

13. DIY Alphabet Toothpicks Cupcakes

Cupcake decorating doesn’t have to be complicating or intricate if you don’t want it to be. If you’re not much of a baker or have little ones at home that might not be old enough to help then this is a great tutorial idea for you.

To start, purchase store-bought cupcakes, the mini kind will do great! All your efforts will be focused on the toothpick letters. All you need in card stock, a stapler, scissors, hot glue, and toothpicks. To make things easy this tutorial even offers you a free alphabet print out. Mom will enjoy her cute words of appreciation!

14. Carnation Mini Cupcakes

You could buy mom Carnations, or you could make her these precious Carnation mini cupcakes instead! To begin you’ll want to make your favorite cupcake recipe. If that’s from scratch, kudos to you, if it’s from a box, we don’t judge here!

Next, you’ll want to tint the icing and it might be best to choose Mom’s favorite colors. Next, you’ll pipe the flowers and then freeze them until firm (this usually takes about one hour). Lastly, you’ll want to carefully remove the flowers and place them on top of the cupcakes. If you have extra icing place a dollop of icing on the cupcake to help make the flowers adhere to the cupcake.

15. Buttercream Daisy Cupcakes

These buttercream daisies might take a steady hand and a little effort but the pay off is well worth it. Best yet, Mom will love them too. To begin, you’ll want to make your favorite cupcakes. This tutorial uses a chocolate batter but you could use whatever kind you wish.

This tutorial even has a video to help you follow along so you can make your beautiful daisy cupcakes. You can achieve different petal details with different piping bag nozzle. The more unique each cupcake looks the better, in my opinion!

16. Salted Margarita Cupcakes

Let’s get back to the boozy cupcakes that Mom will love. Try making these salted margarita cupcakes for Mother’s Day! She’ll get a kick out of these and they look very adorable too.

These refreshing cupcakes are a great way to kick off Mother’s day in a fun and unique way! These cupcakes hold a perfect balance of flavor all the while resembling a summery drink. The cupcake has hints of lime and margarita mix while the buttercream frosting is sweetened and has the perfect zing from tequila. They may not be kid-approved but they are definitely Mom-approved.

17. Mocha Cupcakes With Espresso Buttercream Frosting

If Momma loves coffee then serve these mocha cupcakes for her on Mother’s day. With these cupcakes, you’ll achieve a subtle chocolate flavor with a whole lot of coffee and espresso-infusions. The icing on the cake (literally), is spiked with espresso making the perfect buttercream topping.

These cupcakes are so easy to make even the kids can help you make them! Serve these with Mom’s morning cup of joe to start her day off right!

18. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cupcakes

If Mom is more of an ice cream kind of gal instead of a cake kind of gal then make these for her on Mother’s day. It’s like ice cream cake but in the form of a cupcake all in single servings that Mom and the whole family can enjoy.

If you love chocolate and mint then you know all too well how lovely they pair together. These ice cream cupcakes have layers of chocolate cake, mint chocolate chip ice cream and then is topped off with a whipped topping. They not only look precious but they will taste great too!

19. Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes

These vibrant little cupcakes will brighten Mom’s special day. Orange creamsicles are a delicious cold treat to enjoy on a hot day. But bringing those same flavors to a fluffy treat like cupcakes is a total game changer!

First, their color has a big impact which will definitely wow Mom! Second, the batter has flavors of real orange juice giving it a vibrant scent, color and taste!

20. Vegan Chocolate Lavender Cupcakes

Lavender always reminds me of my Mom and my Grandmother, mostly because it’s one of their favorite scents. Lavender has a very fresh smell which compliments these chocolate cupcakes ever so well.

If you have a vegan Momma then you’ll want to make these for her. Not only are these cupcakes vegan-friendly but they’re also gluten free too! It starts with a moist and fluffy chocolate cupcake and ends with a sugar-free, yet still sweet lavender buttercream frosting.

21. Strawberries and Cream Cupcakes

Serve Mom these pretty in pink cupcakes on Mother’s Day! The cupcakes are easy to make and require simple store-bought ingredients.

The cupcakes are made from a box of white cake mix and strawberry gelatin. They’re paired with a homemade buttercream frosting that is simple to make but packs a ton of flavor!

22. Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes

Mom is going to love these refreshing cupcakes! Sweet and tangy flavors of strawberry lemonade are infused into a delicious cupcake.

The lemon cupcakes are naturally flavored with freshly squeezed lemon juice and lemon zest. The strawberries frosting is also naturally flavored with fresh strawberries!

Perhaps her favorite cake is carrot cake. In that case, why not make her these delicious carrot cake cupcakes!

They’re spiced with cinnamon and are perfectly fluffy! The buttercream frosting is sweetened with warm brown sugar that pairs perfectly with the carrot cake.

24. Strawberry Rose Cupcake Toppers

If you don’t have the knack for baking don’t worry! Try making these stunning strawberries roses and add them to the tops of store-bought cupcakes.

This tutorial will walk you through easy step-by-step instructions on how to cut the strawberries. Mom will surely be impressed that you made these yourself!

25. Mother’s Day Vanilla Cupcakes & Rose Petal Buttercream Icing

These cupcakes may be simple but they’re dainty and Mom will appreciate them. These vanilla cupcakes are made with simple pantry stables and are topped with a lovely buttercream frosting.

Bake the cupcakes and allow them to cool and then follow the tutorial in this recipe on how to pipe a rose petal using buttercream icing. Keep in mind this recipe uses red food coloring in the frosting, however, you can use Mom’s favorite color instead too!

26. Champagne Cupcakes with Truffle Filling

Mother’s Day is a day worth celebrating but instead of popping a bottle of champagne serve Mom these lovely champagne cupcakes. These cupcakes are filled with a delicious truffle filling and then topped with champagne frosting.

These cupcakes require 3 steps. This includes making the cupcakes, the truffle filling, and the frosting. It may sound like a lot of work but it really isn’t and the pay off will be well worth it!

27. Mother’s Day Cupcake Toppers

This is another excellent no-bake Mother’s Day cupcake idea. Simply purchase store-bought cupcakes and these Mother’s Day cupcake toppers.

On Mother’s Day, add the cupcake toppers to each cupcake and serve on a pretty serving tray. Prepare her favorite drink and serve together!

28. Coconut Cream Pie Cupcakes

Does Mom love coconut cream pie? Make her these delectable coconut cream pie cupcakes!

You’ll need coconut extract as well as coconut flakes to provide the delicious coconut flavor. The coconut frosting really makes these cupcakes over the top and your mom will be begging for more!

29. Rainbow Sherbert Cupcakes

Who needs ice cream or cold desserts when you can make these delicious rainbow sherbert cupcakes. They’re bold in flavor and color that will impress Mom!

The cupcakes have authentic flavors or sherbet because the batter requires 2 cups of melted rainbow sherbet. The frosting is colored and flavored by mixing Duncan Hines Flavor creation packets with powdered sugar, heavy cream, and butter. These flavors are strawberry shortcake, orange creamsicle, and key lime and together create a stunning color and flavor.

30. Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes

These strawberry shortcake cupcakes are light and fluffy and perfectly sweet. They’re a perfect spring dessert so there is to no question as to why they’d be perfect for Mother’s Day.

Bake the cupcakes and then with a paring knife cut out a circle in the center of the cupcake. Fill the center with the delicious whipped cream cheese frosting and top with a fresh strawberry!

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