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27 Beautiful Pregnancy Quotes & Sayings With Images

Most of us assume pregnancy is just one of those phases of life and we hardly realize how much this period alters a woman’s life. In the experiences of pregnancy, there so much wisdom, philosophy, spirituality and history. Women who have been through this path, are acutely aware of all the fear and anxiety, the joys and pains of bringing new life to the world.

It’s only more exhilarating that we can share in these moments and see the world through her eyes. If you were pregnant, you would have a lot of flying emotions and things you want to tell your family, your baby or your partner. Why not use this list of Pregnancy quotes as a guide?

We have come up with 27 beautiful quotes about pregnancy and here they are:

#1: Pregnancy is going to alter your thinking forever, it’s going to make you realize how fragile and important life is and why it must be protected at all cost.

Pregnancy is going to alter Pregnancy Quote

#2: Having a bulge, you should be proud that you are bringing another human to the world so don’t be shy about it, be extremely grateful for the privilege to create.

Having a bulge Pregnancy Quote

#3: Having a baby live in you is one of the most profound definitions of art in human form, nature is illustrated in the most dependent relationship between two life forms.

Having a baby live in you Pregnancy Quote

#4: It feels better than butterflies in your stomach, the love for the tiny little human living inside you is nothing to be compared to the love you feel for everyone else, it’s divine.

It feels better than butterflies in your stomach Pregnancy Quote

#5: As a mother it’s almost impossible to tell when you start to realize how much you would be willing to do to protect the baby inside of you, pregnancy brings out the wild in you.

pregnancy brings out the wild in you Pregnancy Quote

#6: You’ve never known struggle if you have never carried a baby inside you, it takes every last bit of you but you just cannot stop anticipating the moment you would see your baby.

moment you would see your baby Pregnancy Quote

#7: Pregnancy is like living next door to someone who shares your heart beat, your pain, your joy and waiting nine months before ever seeing their face.

Pregnancy is like living next door Pregnancy Quote

#8: The first day you know is usually the most exciting of many days to come, you start to feel that stirring baby grow and it promises to be a lifetime of adventure.

stirring baby grow Pregnancy Quote

#9: Some of the days you feel so inadequate that you might not be strong enough to be a mother, there’s a lively kick inside you and it reminds you there’s someone who already believes in you.

strong enough to be a mother Pregnancy Quote

Inspirational Pregnancy Quotes & Sayings

#10: When you are pregnant you just feel a deep sense of acceptance because your baby is going to love you always without condition and nothing beats that awareness.

When you are pregnant Pregnancy Quote

#11: Most people are so worried about the gender of the child and other mundane things that they miss the awesome beauty of simply having another life pass through you to earth. This is what a mother enjoys.

This is what a mother enjoys

#12: Being a mother starts from carrying a whole human being inside you for nine months, so when you are told there’s something impossible for mothers, you simply smile at such ignorance.

human being inside you for nine months

#13: Be everything you want your child to be while you are pregnant because once the child comes out, you have another human who’s character is shaped by yours.

Be everything you want your child

#14: How do you learn responsibility? How do we all grow up and begin to cater for family? It’s that instinct that helps us keep a baby alive through tough ups and downs of pregnancy that teaches us.

ups and downs of pregnancy

#15: The best way to understand the sanctity of life is through pregnancy; the pain and struggles a mother would endure to make sure her baby has safe and easy passage to earth.

sanctity of life is through pregnancy

#16: Who is the strongest human on earth? It’s not the warrior on a battlefield, not a king, but a woman who is the first guardian and protector of her child from the first day of pregnancy.

first day of pregnancy.

#17: A woman’s most daunting task is to birth another human, she is the carrier, the protector and the reflection of humanity which the child would see on arrival.

A woman’s most daunting task is to birth

#18: Finding out you are pregnant could be an exciting moment where everyone around you is so happy and pumped up while you are simply filled with dread by the fact that you have another human inside you.

Finding out you are pregnant

Still On Cute Pregnancy Quotes

#19: Great people, small people, smart people, the kings and presidents, everyone once were residents within a woman’s body, pregnancy is the concealing, birthing is the revealing.

pregnancy is the concealing

#20: A woman’s body is her temple, she opens this temple for the natural and the supernatural to communicate. She brings with her a little piece of heaven in form of babies.

A woman’s body is her temple

#21: How does any human agree to being the only source of nutrition and support for another one? But this is what mothers do by getting pregnant, they risk everything to give life to another.

mothers do by getting pregnant

#22: It makes you realize how delicate life is when you watch a pregnant woman and the way she just has to take every new day with care, she knows everything rests on her shoulders.

pregnant woman

#23: Do you want to learn confidence in the face of uncertainty and risks? Then ask a woman who is carrying a baby. She is acutely aware of a million things that could go wrong yet she’s confident to face the risks.

learn confidence in the face of uncertainty

#24: If there were memories of the times babies were in the womb, it would probably be endless dialogue between resident and host about the new found relationship.

babies were in the womb

#25: Pregnancy is a defining moment in a woman’s life, it shows her how strong her body is, how powerful her mind is and how essential life is.

Pregnancy is a defining moment in a woman’s life

#26: In all of life’s lessons, the lesson on being a gatekeeper for humanity is still the most profound one any human can learn. It shows you how important it is to make this world a better place.

gatekeeper for humanity

#27: You can never really understand family until you have carried most of your family inside of you for nine months, and in that time you’ve shared your life with them.

carried most of your family inside of you for nine months

Thinking about life, we have very little understanding of all it entails but through the spectrum of her experiences, pregnancy gives us a front row view of life. It’s only good that we collect these quotes to help others see in details what life is really all about.

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