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25 Inspiring Success Quotes

You would like to be told that success is going to happen before you hit retirement. Probably you have tried to picture what success means to you and this continues to be an elusive concept. Most of us struggle to define what success means to us and we end up sad, lonely and miserable. Sometimes we are oblivious of the awesome things we are capable of because we keep looking for success in the wrong places. What if you wake up tomorrow and realised success is nothing like what you have always expected it to be?

Do you need some motivation for success? Maybe you want someone to remind you that success is not impossible. In this list, we give you inspirational quotes on success that would definitely give you a push in the right direction.

Here are 25 of our top most inspiring success quotes:

#1: The road to success is just like climbing up a steep mountain. The higher you go, the tougher it becomes. The tougher it becomes the farther you can see. Foresight is a product of hard work, only successful people have it.

The road to success

#2: It’s very easy to tear down with criticism what someone has built with years of sweat. It takes an excellent spirit to admire success and learn from the mistakes of successful people.

learn from the mistakes of successful people

#3: Success is like the honey in a honeycomb, you have to fight your way through the stinging bees before you find sweetness. Fear will always stop you from attempting to do the extraordinary.

Success is like the honey in a honeycomb

#4: Those today that you look upon as successful are the outcomes of decades, sometimes centuries of preparation. Never expect success to be a mistake, they are two parallels that can never meet.

Never expect success to be a mistake

#5: We all have different definitions of success, and two people may never count success in the same currency. Every man’s measure of success fuels his pursuit and maps out his path in life, there is no basis for comparison or intimidation.

definitions of success

#6: The journey to success is a not a definite but a collection of possible outcomes. Sometimes the capacity to appreciate failure as a possible end encourages the realist in us to balance the effect of unrealistic expectations.

The journey to success

#7: Everyone loves the sound of the whistle at the beginning of the race. Only winners remember that success in itself is a journey, the whistle is just one out of the many hurdles you have to cross.

Everyone loves the sound of the whistle

Motivational Quotes for success

#8: Give me a gun and some bullets and I’d shoot down success but if I don’t know where to aim, I might as well just shoot at every thing that would bring me closer to success. The aim is to hit something!

Give me a gun and some bullets

#9: When I claim to be successful, I don’t mean I’ve got it all. I mean I’ve got some of what it takes to get it all. Sadly, no one can get it all.

When I claim to be successful

#10: You don’t know how much of a success you are until you listen to the failures of others. You don’t know how much of a failure you are until you listen to the success of others. Either way, what you listen to determines a lot. Choose wisely.

You don't know how much of a success

#11: Attaining success is like wooing a lady. You watch its pattern, you bide your time, you find the right strategy and when the stars align, you take the step. Getting a no the first time should not stop you from trying again.

Attaining success is like wooing a lady

#12: If we all could be successful, what would be the measure of success? We might not have a uniform for success but out there, when the chips are down, success is an identity that emerges while you do your best to be true to your dreams.

if we all could be successful

#13: We all pick role models of success and know what to do. Maybe it is high time we picked role models of failure so we know what not to do.

We all pick role models

#14: There’s so many reasons to be a success, the greatest being that then you would be able to sit back and tell your story with confidence. Yes you did it, you made it finally!

Theres so many reasons to be a success

Success Quotes and Sayings

#15: Have we all agreed on the definition of success? We aren’t even successful in that, wonder why we aren’t succeeding at other things?

definition of success

#16: When I finish my breakfast cereal before it gets all soggy, I feel successful. These little breakthroughs prepare me for the huge ones and serve as stepping stones when I recognise the efforts it takes to succeed in the tiny tasks.

I feel successful

#17: A successful thief is different from a successful banker. They both handle money but in different ways. Success is most times a function of the person than the amount of the money involved.

A successful thief

#18: If my success makes you uncomfortable, it’s either you’re looking to be like me or you’re afraid I’d be like you. Or, you just had a wrong meal.

#19: At only one point in life do we get to ask ourselves how successful we’ve been. That point is somewhere between birth and death.

At only one point in life

#20: We are not limited by the magnitude of the problems but by the size of our fears because success comes only to the brave.

We are not limited by the magnitude

#21: Find out what makes you happy, your success is inevitably attached to your ability to protect your happiness above all else. The most successful people are those who have learned to be happy even when it seems impossible.

Find out what makes you happy

#22: Investments don’t make you successful, it only shows you how much of relationships you can afford. Success is choosing the relationships that deserve your investment of time and resources carefully.

Investments don't make you successful

#23: The most beautiful experiences of success are those you have when you are surrounded by the people who matter to you. Don’t alienate people in your pursuit of success, you will need their standing ovation.

The most beautiful experiences of success

#24: Most times we think success is found in a journey to space, owning a boat cruise, or making the sale of a century. While success is most times just hearing your wife and kids laughing together while you get lunch.

Most times we think success is found in a journey to space

#25: Pure success flows from the heart to the world and not the reverse. The awards and certificates are simply after effects of events that have already happened inside you.

Pure success flows

That’s a wrap, we hope you find this list fitting and especially inspiring for extraordinary venture. All the best!

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