Father's Day

25 Easy-as-Pie Father’s Day Crafts the Kids Can Make for Dad

Sure, dads like unwrapping the usual presents on Father’s Day. There’s nothing wrong with ties, cologne, or gift cards, even if he says he wants nothing. But this year, in between his favorite hearty Father’s Day breakfast and fun Father’s Day activities, why not give him something he’ll cherish forever? Nothing says love like a homemade present from you and the kids, because it shows him his family cared enough to used their creativity, time, and DIY skills to make a keepsake just for him. Of course, it’s important that the whole clan joins in on the project, so we’ve put together a list of the best Father’s Day crafts that are so easy even toddlers can lend a hand.

From picture frames to puppets, piñatas to pen holders, these are surprisingly simple-to-make Father’s Day gifts that are as fun for kids to craft as they are for dads to receive. There are ideas for homemade best golf gifts if that’s his favorite hobby, as well as papas who flip for baseball and birdwatching, too. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for the special dad in your life, because these are all Father’s Day crafts that come straight from the heart.

Building Memories with Dad

Just about all you and the kids need for this clever project are building blocks and an imagination filled with fun things to do with Dad.

mason jar with building blocks labeled with activities

Handprint Baseball

Sure to bring a tear to his eye, this adorable craft will forever remind Dad of the precious times he spent playing catch with the kids.

baseball with child's hand print on it inside baseball glove

Kids Art Candy Pot

Your little Michelangelos will get a kick out of making art for Dad on a clay pot, which is an even sweeter gift when you fill it with his favorite candy.

candy filled clay pot with child's drawing of family on it

Homemade Pencil Cup

What dad wouldn’t be pleased as punch to sit this beautifully attired pencil cup on his desk? To get the look right, use a fabric scrap that has the look of a men’s dress shirt, and finish it off with white felt for the collar.

pencil cup decorated with fabric shirt and tie

Fingerprint Daddy and Me Mug

Your kids’ fingerprints are used to make the figures on this mug, which will melt the hearts of every coffee-drinking daddy around.

white mug with thumbprint figures and daddy and me written on it

My Dad “Rocks”

Simple, inexpensive, and loads of fun to create, these rocks can be decorated with portraits of Dad, words that describe him, pictures of the things he loves, or anything else the kids dream up.

small, smooth hand painted stones with various pictures on them

Handprint Craft

Whether the kids want to turn this cool craft into a card or art to frame and hang – or both! – Dad will high five this thoughtful gift. It comes with a free template to make it even easier to create.

homemade father's day cards with colorful kids' handprints

Photo Frame Craft

Frames filled with photos are one of the most popular Father’s Day gifts around, but they take on even more meaning when they’re handmade by the littles.

three homemade father's day frames with pictures of fathers and children inside

Paper Bag Dad Puppets

Brown paper lunch bags form the basis for these puppets inspired by Dad, which are even more lovable thanks to googly eyes.

paper lunch bags with googly eyes, shirts and ties

Dad Award Ribbons

Printables make these cute award ribbons for the best Dad you know easy-peasy to create. There’s even a blank badge so the kids can write in their own award.

award ribbons for best dad ever, 1 dad and world's greatest dad

Origami Shirt and Tie

Forget the glue and ribbon—all it takes to make this fun keepsake card for Dad is two sheets of paper and a little patience!

four colorful origami paper shirts and ties

Back Scratcher

Here’s a new take on an old favorite for Father’s Day—the kids draw a design in pencil on a wooden back scratcher, and then you use a wood burning tool to make them indelible.

hand holding two back scratchers, one with stick figure dad on it

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