Father's Day

20 Funny Father’s Day Puns Only a Dad Could Love

When it comes to dad jokes, maybe you have a dad who sets the bar high — or low, depending on how you feel about corny puns and hokey humor. So you can’t let Father’s Day pass without at least trying to beat him at his own game with some silly wordplay of your own. Whether you’re looking for just the right greeting card message, social media tribute, or in-person zinger, consider these 20 ideas for funny father’s day puns and jokes for dads of all kinds. They’re just the right words to show him the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and that he did a grape job of raisin’ you!

1. For the dad who loves gardening
father's day puns

“Dad, I love you from my head tomatoes, and you simply can’t be beet.”

2. For the movie-buff dad:
father's day puns

“You’re the reel deal, dad!“

3. For the dad who always springs for extra guac:
father's day puns

“You’re nacho average dad — can we taco ‘bout how much I love you?”

4. For the caffeine-addicted dad:
father's day puns

“I love you a latte dad — I can’t even espresso how much.”

5. For the dad who loves to grill
father's day puns

“Thanks for always chicken on me, dad — I turned out well done.”

6. For the carpool-driving dad
father's day puns

“Thanks for always driving me, dad… driving me crazy.”

7. For the golf-loving dad
father's day puns

“Dad, I think you’re just tee-riffic, dad!”

8. For the dad who wears a suit every day:
dad puns

“You’re my favorite parent, and it’s knot even close to a tie (shhh… don’t tell mom!).”

9. For the dad with a sweet tooth
father's day puns

“I donut know what I would do without you, dad!”

10. For the biker dad
father's day puns

“You’re dad to the bone.”

12. For the dad who jokes nonstop
father's day puns

“You’re the punniest dad I know.”

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