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16 Father’s Day Gifts for a Dad-to-Be or New Father

There’s nothing more special than becoming a father for the first time (or the second or the third). Welcoming every new family member is a blessing and the new father deserves a Father’s Day gift to celebrate the new arrival. The new dad in your life will appreciate any effort you make to acknowledge his contributions to your growing family.

The following presents run the gamut in price and type of gift, but all provide some unique and cool options to give a new dad on Father’s Day. I have three children and have been through many Father’s Days. I can give you my own experience with some of these gifts along the way.

Daddy's Toolbox ready for Father's Day
Daddy’s Toolbox ready for Father’s Day

1. New Daddy’s Toolbox

You can put this gift together from either a tackle box or a tool box. Once you have the box, fill it with diapers, diaper cream, first aid supplies, bibs, baby wipes, and toys. You can also add humorous touches, such as a pair of goggles to protect from blowouts, or a clothespin or other nose closure to try to protect your significant other’s delicate schnoz. My husband got a kick out of the funny items I put into his toolbox and really appreciated the useful items.

Fishing Lure for Daddy's little girl
Fishing Lure for Daddy’s little girl

2. Best Catch Fishing Lure Birth Announcement Key Ring

This key ring is in the shape of a fishing lure. It is silver in color and has a colored bucktail, pink for a girl and blue for a boy. Costing $34, this custom key ring includes your baby’s birth weight and height carved in the metal. Plus, the fishing lure reminds daddy that he can teach his baby to fish with him someday when his child has grown old enough to go out on the water with him.

I got this lovely fishing key ring for my husband for the birth of our first son. He still uses it, although it’s been quite a few years now and the tail has worn away after catching on things over the years. He could make another tail, but he really cares most about the silver body with the words on it.

Be Nice to Me My Wife is Pregnant tee Shirt
Be Nice to Me My Wife is Pregnant tee Shirt

3. “Be Nice to Me My Wife Is Pregnant” Shirt

This is a pretty straightforward new father shirt. Some dads-to-be get stressed out over what their wives undergo with the trials and tribulations of pregnancy. Although you might not feel like it, you could indulge your significant other by buying this shirt so he can feel sorrier for himself during the last months of your pregnancy.

This is more of a fun joke gift. I wouldn’t recommend it as the only gift you give your father-to-be. However, it’s pretty fun to give. I gave one to my husband when he was lamenting that I was always asleep by the time he got home after work when I was pregnant (because making a baby is hard work!). I bought him one of these shirts and left it on top of me as a blanket for him to find when I was about five months pregnant with our first.

The Swaddle Sack
The Swaddle Sack | Source

4. SwaddleMe Swaddle Sack

SwaddleMe Swaddle Sack makes swaddling easy, even for Dad. The swaddling material is all cotton to keep baby comfortable. This sack has the innovative design to allow both arms to be swaddled for maximum soothing, but to also allow one or two arms to be free at a time to allow more movement.

Swaddling soothes babies and protects them when they sleep, and the SwaddleMe sack is a good way to keep your young baby safe at night. But because of the ability to allow your baby to have his or her arms out if you wish, when he or she gets older they can have some more safe freedom in the crib without the risk that using a blanket in a crib poses and while still allowing your baby to express some freedom on his or her own.

My husband and I used this with our youngest baby and found it very useful. It was particularly nice to be able to let our baby’s arms out to thrash around when she needed to feel more movement while still staying safe.

Player One Tee Shirt and Onesie set
Player One Tee Shirt and Onesie set

5. “Player One” Adult Tee Shirt and “Player Two” Baby Onesie

For the adamant gamer, this shirt and onesie combination already gets Dad’s new baby ready to follow in the footsteps of Dad’s gamer obsession. Dad’s shirt says “Player One” while his baby’s onesie says “Player Two.” Nothing says daddy-baby bonding like getting Dad and baby bonding over gaming when your baby can’t even sit up straight.

I got my husband this combination and gave it to him right after we had our second son. I dressed our son in the onesie and then gave him to my husband wrapped in the tee shirt. They looked so cute snuggling together while my husband played games.

6. Marvel Unlimited

This subscription allows a dad interested in Marvel comics to download over 20,000 titles going all the way back to Captain Marvel’s 1940’s adventures and all the way up to comics that were released six months ago. With new titles coming out all the time, the comic book fan will receive sharp images on their tablet or smartphone. Don’t let the dad in your life get bored. With this subscription, he’ll always have something to read and share with the kids. When my brother—who is a comic book fan—became a father, I got him this subscription and he went bananas over it.

This subscription will also come in handy for all those sleepless nights when Daddy has to stay up joggling and soothing the baby. You can get this from Marvel comics.

Daddy Diaper Bag
Daddy Diaper Bag

7. Masculine Baby Bag

Just like moms, dads need baby bags, too. Unfortunately, a lot of men feel uncomfortable toting around traditional, “girly,” baby bags. Don’t worry though, this bag is very masculine looking. It is a dark brown, plain one strap bag. It’s made of an easily cleaned Oxford cloth that helps make cleaning up any spills from either end of the baby easier.

Proving its functionality, the bag has twelve pockets for storing all the accouterments Dad needs to take with him when caring for a baby. There’s storage room for diapers, bottles, toys, tablets, phones, creams, snacks, and pacifiers. With this bag, Dad should feel cool strolling around with his baby in tow. The nylon cloth is a bit slippery to feel and not the most expensive-looking material, but it is functional.

This is the diaper bag my husband toted around for a couple of years. It had enough room for everything he needed to carry and the style did not make my husband feel weird about carrying it around, making it a functional and stylish choice for him. This was especially important when we had a newborn and a nineteen-month-old at the same time!

Memories Canvases for Father's Day
Memories Canvases for Father’s Day

8. First Memories Canvas

These memories canvases are stretched over a solid wood frame. There are two options to choose when getting a canvas. The canvases are personalized with your child’s name.

You can choose a canvas that says, “A Father is his son’s first hero. You are the best dad. Love, _____.” Or you can choose, “A father is his daughter’s first love. I love you daddy, _____.”

You can choose which format you want, regardless of gender. You can also choose whether you want the sign in blue or burgundy. Each sign is 6” high by 18” wide. Additionally, you can choose to add any message you want on the sign up to 40 characters, giving you some more options like, “I loved you as soon as I saw you, daddy. Love ___.”

My husband has a special message from one of the kids that he keeps in his office. I’ve caught him looking at it more than once.

This mobile camera could provide hours of fun and memories for Dad and the rest of the family.
This mobile camera could provide hours of fun and memories for Dad and the rest of the family.

9. Selens Track Skater Dolly Kit

This track skater dolly kit combines it all: Camera Dolly Table Top Slider, Mini Ball Head, Gopro Mount, Cellphone holder, and Handheld Monopod Pole Selfie Stick. Not only will Dad be able to put together the dolly, but then it will be able to carry a seated camera around a table top slider with a mini ball head grip.

The dolly contains a go-pro holder, a camera dolly table stop, and a mini ball head as well as a Gopro mount, Camera Dolly Table Top Slider, and Mini Ball Head. Finally, the camera comes with a selfie stick and mini ball head to allow for rotating photography.

Dad should be able to get some great action shots of the baby with this fun camera kit. I know my husband has gotten some hilarious and touching shots using this dolly.

Dada by Jimmy Fallon
Dada by Jimmy Fallon

10. DADA by Jimmy Fallon

This book is full of the wit and creativity of the father who created it, comedian Jimmy Kimmel. In DADA, Kimmel humorously explains the way fathers try to get up on mothers and get to receive the most “firsts” from their babies.

For example, Kimmel describes the secret campaign fathers wage so that their child will say “Dada” before “Mama.” Fathers may not always succeed, but in this book, just the attempts are funny enough to be worth a good laugh.

Although our kids weren’t babies when this came out, my husband laughed out loud at the whole premise of the book and the silly campaigning within.

Dad's Playbook for Father's Day
Dad’s Playbook for Father’s Day | Source

11. Dad’s Playbook: Wisdom for Fathers from the Greatest Coaches of All Time

This book, dedicated to fathers everywhere, contains more than 100 inspiring quotes from players and coaches of all kinds. The book is meant to bring out the coach in the new father. Coaches should motivate, discipline, mentor, and love. Some of the coaches who appear in this book include John Madden, Tommy Lasorda, Vince Lombardi, Phil Jackson, and Tommy Lasorda. A lot of dads will find inspiration in this book.

My husband read this through when we had our second child. Although he’s not a big sports fan, he found many of the quotes in this book inspiring, especially when he was up with the baby at 3:00 AM.

Letters for Dad's child to open at different ages. Great for bonding!
Letters for Dad’s child to open at different ages. Great for bonding!

12. Letters to My Baby

This is a set of different letters that Dad can write to his child as that child grows up, starting when they are a baby. Writing letters with this set throughout the years can lead to a profound sense of connection with your child. Even if you are just writing about baseball games and cooking in the kitchen together, these memories will come to have great meaning to both dad and child as they grow older and can look back on what their relationship was like when your child was growing up.

I gave these to my friend’s husband at their co-ed baby shower and he started to tear up at the thought of his new son reading the letters he would write someday.

Hayneedle It Takes a Special Man to be a Dad Gif Basket
Hayneedle It Takes a Special Man to be a Dad Gif Basket

13. It Takes a Special Man to Be a Dad Gift Basket Box

This full-to-the-brim gift basket from Hayneedle features a plethora of treats for the dad-to-be, ones he might not have time to pick up for himself once the baby is born. Weighing in at nine pounds, the box contains deluxe mixed snack bags, chocolate truffle cookies, meats and cheeses, peanuts, crackers and more.

I know my husband appreciated having a lot of quick snacks available when all of our babies were little. It’s just hard to find time to get always get a full meal in.

The basket comes with a card that says, “Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad.”

The Baby Shusher for Father's Day
The Baby Shusher for Father’s Day

14. Baby Shusher: Sleep Miracle Soother

The Baby Shusher is a mechanism to provide noises to help soothe your upset baby. For instance, the Baby Shusher uses a technique from The Happiest Baby on the Block book to try to get more of the 5 “shushes” in. These shushes are meant to quiet babies who can get antsy waiting for what is to come or fussy trying to get to sleep.

We used the baby shusher with our two youngest and it does work well. Dad can set the shusher to a 15 or 30-minute session. The shusher uses five types of noises that babies find soothing. This rhythmic shushing is a doctor-approved method of trying to get a baby relaxed and to bed.

Because the baby shusher is battery operated and small it is portable allowing Dad to take it shopping, to friends’ houses and other places Dad might need help soothing his baby. My husband was most fond of taking it into the media room so he could turn his games down and keep playing while trying to soothe the baby.

These blocks teach stacking, language, and math!
These blocks teach stacking, language, and math!

15. Super Nerdy ABC Blocks

These blocks aren’t just ordinary A-B-C blocks. Instead, they have a series of illustrated terms from math and science on them. For instance, A is for Absolute Zero while B is for binary. The cubes all have the letters of the alphabet on one face as well as an illustrated term from science on all the other five sides of the cubes. There are also two bonus blocks with decimals and the power of 10 on them.

Although your new baby may not be able to make all of the connections, as he or she grows, being exposed to this sort of scientific and mathematic information could be a good and healthy bonding experience between daddy and child. In the meantime, stacking blocks is fun and good for coordination.

Family Signpost

Family Signpost from Uncommongoods.com
Family Signpost from Uncommongoods.com 

16. Personalized Family Member Signpost

When a man becomes a father, he often gains a new appreciation for the rest of his family as well. This individually constructed family signpost lists your family’s name at the top and then lists the names and distances of other family members on signs staggered below. Each sign points in the direction the family member lives. So, if you live in Seattle and your Aunt lives in Chicago, the sign points East.

The signs are metal and the words are carved into the metal for a classic, weathered appearance. This signpost is a great way for the whole family to remember relatives near and far and to appreciate family as a whole as the new father’s own family grows. Find the signpost here.


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