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16 Father’s Day Crafts You Can Make in One Day

There are all kinds of dads. Some are crack-ups, others are bookworms, and some want nothing more than to watch the game with their kiddos on the sofa. But no matter what kind of dad yours (or your kid’s) is, he’ll definitely appreciate getting a hand-made Father’s Day crafts for his special day.

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Memories in the making

Many years from now, an attic or garage search may uncover your father’s fondest gifts. Store-bought ties and uninspired book titles will not be in the dusty boxes you’ll find. Instead, temporarily hidden from view but never forgotten, will be the hand-made items that you thoughtfully crafted for dad, over the years. Once uncovered, these loving mementos will bring dad and the entire family renewed joy, memories, and laughter. It’s time to get started making those memories today, with these easy, Father’s Day crafts.

handprint fathers day craft idea

Raise your hand for dad

Kids love to have their hands traced, and dad will love looking back and remembering how little his kiddo’s hands were. This Father’s Day Handprint craft features the individualized palm print of dad’s biggest fan, and comes from Kim, over at The Best Ideas for KidsYour first step will be to download Kim’s free PDF template for the mustache and bowtie. You’ll need colored card stock, a black marker, acrylic paint, and the all-important googly eyes that make this adorable craft come alive. Use dad’s favorite color or pattern on the bow tie, and you’ll have a personalized Father’s Day card craft he’ll never forget.

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Not that he’s old or anything

Another adorable handcraft that relies on outlining your child’s palm is this dinosaur handprint card from Shikha at The Joy of Sharing. Download the template for a friendly, smiling dinosaur. Then, in addition to card stock paper and googly eyes, don’t forget to stock up on lots of colorful pom-poms, so you can personalize your dinosaur card. You’ll also need child-friendly scissors and a black marker.Happy father's day . Different tools on wooden background

For the DIYer dad

If your dad recoils at the thought of hiring a handyman, this do-it-yourselfer, “Best Dad I Ever Saw” craft from the Easy Preschool Craft blog will tickle his fancy. Even if you’ve been stuck inside for ages, you probably have everything you need to make this one at home; all it takes is construction paper, a magic marker, and a sturdy paper plate. If dad’s man cave needs a little extra decorating, turn your plate into a wall hanging with a one-hole paper punch tool and some yarn. Consider adding one of these father-son quotes to your project. They’re perfect for Father’s Day!

Father's Day Gift

For the dad that rocks

There are rock ‘n roll dads, rocking chair dads, and dads who love nothing more than a rockin’ good time with their family. No matter what your particular dad is into, he’ll love getting this My Dad Rocks paperweight, from Our Family World. This craft is as simple as it gets. All you need is a rock, acrylic paint, glitter glue, and acrylic sealer spray. After dad has opened his gift, he’s bound to want a yummy meal. Check out these Father’s Day recipes, and yummily continue the day’s festivities!

popsicle fathers day card craft idea

The perfect card for a cool-dude dad

This too-cool-for-school, popsicle-themed Father’s Day card comes from Tara at Homeschool Preschool. You’ll start by downloading a free template for the card here. Then, let your imagination be your guide. Tara recommends a variety of material alternatives to choose between, based on your child’s age and skill level. Some things you’ll need for certain are popsicle sticks, googly eyes, and liquid school glue. You can never have too many popsicle sticks.popsicle stick fathers day craft

Ten things you love about dad

This 10 Things I Love About You Popsicle Stick Gift Card from Khrista at ezebreezy – Life Simplified is a versatile gift idea you can use for all sorts of holidays and celebrations. For Father’s Day, have the kiddos get creative with jumbo-sized popsicle sticks, tempura paint, plus a paint pen or sharpie. This craft requires some hot glue gunning, so make sure you’re on-site when the kids are working.

Handmade father's day gift

Sweet scribbles

Use your child’s adorable scribbles to decorate this Kid-Made Scribble Mug, from I Heart Arts ‘n Crafts. You’ll need a plain, white mug, some painter’s pens, and stickers, that your child will love to choose. This craft requires an oven as well as some lovin’ so make sure an adult is involved in the process.

Paper Crave Suit and Tie Box

It starts with the presentation

No matter what you put inside, the way your Father’s Day craft is wrapped sets the stage. Build the anticipation with this easy-to-make Shirt Tie Gift Box craft from PaperCrave. Easy to individualize, the box can be made out of any card stock pattern or colors. You can also match the box to whatever special gem is nestling inside. You’ll need a printer for this one. No time for this one? Try these 11 hacks for wrapping a gift without wrapping paper.

Mountain Feet Painting

For the mountain man in your life

This adventure-themed Father’s Day craft turns your child’s footprint into a snow-capped mountain. Stacy, a military spouse and blogger at The Crazy Outdoor Mama, was inspired to create this good-for-any-age craft by the magnificent mountains of Grand Teton National Park. It’s easy to do, and only requires canvas or paper, paint, and a brush—not bad for a craft, destined to become a forever keepsake. Here are 58 Father’s Day gift ideas every dad would love to have.Father's Day Card

Don’t forget the card—part one

If you’re lovingly fashioning a DIY Father’s Day craft, you’ve got to enhance it with just the right home-made card. The Totally Promotional staff came up with a winner for their Totally Inspired blog. It’s an easy-breezy take on the shirt-and-tie theme that dads always love. This one takes about five minutes to make and requires scissors, scotch tape, card stock, and a pencil. Need inspiration for what to write in his card? Here are 50 poignantly funny dad quotes for Father’s Day you don’t want to miss.

owl father's day craft

Don’t forget the card—part two

If dad is the wise old owl in your child’s life, he’ll love this Guess Whooo Loves You Father’s Day craft, from Rachel Nipper’s I Heart Crafty Things blog. It’s owlishly adorable and sure to provide dad with a hoot or two. Dad can use it as a wall hanging after the big reveal. If you love puns, you’ll also love these 31 groan-worthy dad jokes.Hugs and Fishes

This Father’s Day craft will have you hooked!

Once the fishy-themed goodies you’ve included have been gobbled up, Printly’s DIY Father’s Day Hugs and Fishes Gift is perfect to use as a tackle box. You’ll need a photo printer and heavy-weight photo paper for this, plus a tackle box and all the fish-shaped candy you can find. Speaking of sweets, 20 dads share the sweetest, most heart-warming gifts they’ve ever received.S'mores for dad

Need s’more Father’s Day gift ideas? Check this one out

Another great Father’s Day craft from Printly is their Father’s Day S’mores Treats and Printable. The whole family will enjoy eating this one as well as making it. This two-part craft includes making the labels and baking the s’mores. Can you say yum? Dad sure will.

Succulent DIY

Dads like plants, too

This Father’s Day, why not make DIY plants that will last? Jennifer Refat’s blog, Craftic, features gorgeous, paper succulents that will appeal to every dad’s softer side. Her paper succulents need a glue gun (and adult supervision) to make. Choose any color, or patterned card stock, and get ready to melt dad’s heart.Dotted mug DIY

Dot, dot, dash

If you’re sending out an S.O.S. for a functional Father’s Day craft, Susan, a military mom who has organized a double-digit number of homes, has got your back. Her easy, Sharpie Dot Mug is a Father’s Day dream-craft-come-true. You and your kids will need some supplies for this one, including a plain white ceramic mug and glass paint or Sharpie oil-based paint markers. You’ll also need to bake the mug in a 375-degree oven which has not been preheated.

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