Father's Day

16 Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

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    Handprint Baseball and Poem

    Handprint baseball

    Do your kids and their dad often play a game of catch? Help your little ones give dad something to remember all those afternoons in the backyard with this adorable handprint baseball craft!

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    Building Memories With Dad Mason Jar

    Memories jar

    A heartfelt and creative craft to remind dad of all the good times had and the good times to come! Let your little lego-lover take the lead on this one.

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    DIY Printable Book for Dad

    All About Dad book

    This printable makes it oh-so-easy to give dad a sweet book of personal poems and drawings! The best way to showcase his creative kids.

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    Mason Jar Tie Treats

    Mason Jar treats

    Does dad have a bit of a sweet tooth? Give him a cute personalized mason jar full of his favorite candy or cookies!

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      Guess Whooo Loves You? Card

      Owl card

      An easy paper craft from one of our favorite blogs: Use a school photo or take a new one for the surprise under the owl wings.

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      To the Moon and Back Card

      Space card
      Non-Toy Gifts

      One, two, three, blast off–with your love for dad! Show him how you feel with this cute rocket ship card from his little astronaut.

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      My Dad Rocks Photo Frame

      Rocks photo frame

      punny gift for a dad who loves to laugh. Give dad a chuckle and remind him what he means to you with this easy craft.

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      Daddy’s Grilling Partner Hand-Printable

      Grill card

      Have a grill master for a father? Help the kids make this card and maybe gift it with a new pair of grill-gloves or a bottle of barbecue sauce.

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        DIY Handprint Keychain


        Shrinky dinks are a totally underrated crafting tool. Make dad a key chain with mini charms of his own kids’ handprints!

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        Origami Scribble Bowtie


        An easy gift dad can actually wear! Let your kids go crazy with the crayons and fold their art up into a cute paper bowtie, easily attached to an elastic band for easy wearing!

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        Father’s Day Sharpie Scribble Mug

        Dad mug

        This easy craft can be used for years and years to come. Make a personalized mug with some stickers, sharpies, and a plain white crafting mug.

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        Toilet Roll Father’s Day Cards

        Toilet roll cards

        This creative card is a little off the beaten path and totally perfect for displaying on the mantle or at an office desk! Decorate these little stand-up card rolls with photos, drawings, and stickers!

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