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131 Interesting Best Friend Tag Questions

It’s another fun post again this time, involving best friends and how much they know one another. Best friend tag questions are game questions aimed at revealing the extent someone knows their best friend. The answers are graded in points: where it is a correct answer given, a point or points are awarded and where the answer is wrong, it is a zero point given.

At the end of the questioning session, the number of correct answers shows how well or poorly they know their best buddy. Ready? Let’s go there!

Interesting Best Friend Tag Questions

Best Friend Tag Questions

1: What is your best friend’s favorite drink?

2: What does your best friend like having as breakfast?

3: How old is your best friend’s dog?

4: Can you tell your best friend’s best color?

5: What is your best friend’s house number?

6: Which food does your best friend dislike?

7: When was he born?

8: What is the last place she visited during the holidays?

9: How often does your best friend say, “I am hungry” in a day?

10: Does he prefer ice-skating to surfing?

11: What kind of music does she vibe to?

12: What nut is she allergic to?

13: What does he do when he gets angry?

14: What are the two places he loves spending time in?

15: Is there any facial gesture your best friend makes that he isn’t yet aware of?

16: Which TV show can she die for?

17: What do you think makes her tick?

18: What do you find odd about his dressing?

19: Has he ever been beaten in a game?

20: When was the last time your best friend visited a law court?

21: What are your best friend’s grandparents’ names?

22: Which national holiday does your best friend like best?

23: What is her most preferred dessert?

24: Which brand of lipstick does she buy regularly?

25: Between a T-shirt and a tank top, which will he wear on a good day?

26: Is your best friend a lover of fruits?

27: Is your best friend a vegan?

28: What kind of meat does your best friend enjoy?

29: How does your best friend like his egg prepared?

30: Which sports activity does your best friend find less entertaining?

31: What is her best subject in school?

32: How tall is your best friend?

33: For how long have you been best friends with your best friend?

34: Has your best friend ever been involved in a physical fight? If yes, when?

35: How many tattoos does your best friend have?

36: Why is your best friend afraid of the most?

37: What kind of family did your best friend grow up in?

38: How much does your best friend spend in a typical day?

39: What is your best friend’s beloved quote?

40: What kind of bathing soap does your best friend use?

41: When was the last time your best friend visited the dentist?

42: Which religion does your best friend practise?

43: Where does your best friend come from?

44: What is your best friend’s obsession?

45: What can get your best friend mad within minutes?

46: How many languages does your best friend speak?


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Deep Best Friend Tag Questions

Deep Best Friend Tag Questions

47: Does your best friend believe in the existence of God?

48: What is the most important endeavor your best friend want to pursue with his time on earth?

49: Has your best friend ever fallen in love?

50: Is your best friend in a love relationship presently?

51: How outspoken is your best friend?

52: Does your best friend have a body image problem?

53: Does your best friend have any phobia?

54: What is your best friend’s view of life: Realistic or idealistic?

55: What was growing up like for your best friend?

56: Has your best friend ever battled with depression?

57: How confident is your best friend?

58: What event influenced your best friend’s career choice?

59: What is your best friend’s dream car?

60: Who is your best friend’s favorite philosopher?

61: When last did your best friend participate in community service?

62: Can you refer to your best friend as a philanthropist?

63: How well does your best friend get along with his parents?

64: Does your best friend belong to any religiously fanatical group?

65: What is your best friend’s dearest perfume brand?

66: Has your best friend suffered from any heartbreak before?

67: Is your best friend lactose intolerant?

68: How many body piercings does your best friend have?

69: Is your best friend bossy or complacent?

70: How often does your best friend get into an argument?

71: When your best friend gets confused about a thing, what is his most common reaction to it?

72: How trustworthy is your best friend?

73: When, and in which year did you two become best friends?

74: Which holiday resort is your dream place as best friends?

75: Is your best friend more meticulous than he is time-conscious?

76: What is your best friend’s worse life experience?

77: Between you and your best friend, who is the most ambitious?

78: What is your best friend’s biggest pet peeve?

79: If your best friend is given $1000, what are the first three things she will likely do with it?

80: How does your best friend react to a surprise?

81: Where was your best friend born?

82: When last did your best friend visit an orphanage?

83: Has your best friend ever been unjustly criticized by people?

84: Does your best friend have any flair for politics?

85: What is your best friend’s IQ?

86: Does your best friend support any football club?

87: Is your best friend a chronic shopper or a book addict?

88: Which of your best friend’s parents wield the biggest influence over his life?

89: Is your best friend self-reliant or too dependent on others for survival?

90: How familiar are you with your best friend’s daily routine?

91: Which animal does your best friend cherish as a pet?

92: How many times in a week do you hang out with your best friend?

93: How does your best friend behave around strangers: comfortably or carefully?

94: What is the name of your best friend’s favorite teacher?

95: Is your best friend an optimist or a pessimist?

96: Does your best friend prefer coffee to milkshake, or the other way round?

97: What is your best friend’s greatest motivation in life?

98: What can make your best friend give up on a cause easily?

99: Can you recognize your best friend by his voice?

100: What is the strangest personal item your best friend owns?

Funny Best Friend Tag Questions

Funny Best Friend Tag Questions

101: When did you find out that your best friend is a bad liar?

102: How good is your friend at spelling difficult words?

103: Can your best friend remember what he had as dinner last night?

104: When last did your best friend have a haircut?

105: On a scale of 1 to 10, rate your best friend’s dancing ability.

106: How often does your best friend fart in private?

107: What kind of name best suits your best friend based on his queerness?

108: Does your best friend bathe once a day or bathes every other day?

109: Which cartoon character does your grownup best friend love?

110: If you were to choose between your best friend and a cat, which would you go for without batting an eyelid?

111: Is your best friend crazy or stupid?

112: What is the most friendly way to get your friend to agree to your own suggestions?

113: If you own a recording studio, will you sign your best friend immediately as an artist or employ him as an intern?

114: What is the scariest thing your best friend has ever done?

115: Does you best friend whistle or chuckle when he is happy?

116: Who is the most horrible Hollywood actor to your best friend?

117: How old is your best friend’s oldest car?

118: When was the last time your best friend almost got drowned swimming?

119: Can your best friend eat up a spicy meal without blowing his tongue?

120: Between red and white, which signifies danger to your best friend?

121: Which insect is your best friend most afraid of?

122: Has your best friend ever peed on herself out of excitement?

123: What is the one rule your best friend cannot keep no matter what happens?

124: What is your best friend’s weakest body part?

125: When did your best friend stop stealing cookies?

126: What is the worst adventure you’ve ever gone on with your best friend?

127: How good a prankster is your best friend?

128: Has your best friend ever been given a hot chase by a wild pig?

129: Is your best friend a drama queen or a silent destroyer?

130: What is your best friend’s little secret which he doesn’t know that you know?

131: What is your best friend’s most embarrassing moment?

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