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13 Best Father’s Day Songs to Listen to With Your Dad

No matter what sort of Father’s Day activities you and your family partake in this year or which gift he unwraps from our handy dandy Father’s Day gift guide, having the right background music is essential. Sure, you’re going to want some great Father’s Day captions for social media, but you’re also going to want a proper Father’s Day soundtrack. Music is one of the best ways to bond with your dad—just think of all the memories you have that are marked by a specific tune or a song lyric that’s always reminded you of him. Especially in this time when seeing your father in-person might not be possible, listening to music is one of those special activities that can be enjoyed together across a great distance.

On that note, here are 35 songs to listen to with your father on his special day. Some songs are more from your dad’s generation; others maybe more from yours. But you’ll both get a kick out of listening to them “together.” Some of these songs, like John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy” and Billy Joel’s “Lullabye,” are odes from dads to their children. Others are tributes to fathers who have passed away, like Cole Swindell’s “You Should Be Here.” And some, like Trace Adkins’s “Just Fishin,” are just about the simple joys of being a dad.

After listening to these songs, continue the celebration by choosing from the many Father’s Day movies available to stream online. Now on to the Father’s Day tunes.

1. “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy),” John Lennon, 1981

Written for his son Sean, the singer songwriter penned this tune, which begins like a lullaby and transforms into fatherly advice for his “beautiful boy.”

2. “Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel),” Billy Joel, 1994

Billy Joel wrote this beautiful lullaby for his daughter, Alexa Ray. The song later inspired one of two picture books by Joel.

3. “Father and Daughter,” Paul Simon, 2002

Recorded by Paul Simon, this sweet father-daughter tune was written about his daughter, Lulu.

4. “My Father’s Eyes,” Eric Clapton, 1998

For anyone who has lost a father, this song is especially poignant, reflecting on moments you wish you had your father’s help.

5. “Daughters,” John Mayer, 2004

The famous track won John Mayer the Grammy for Song of the Year, written about how big of an impact a father’s relationship can have on their daughters.

6. “Song For Dad,” Keith Urban, 2002

The ultimate ode to Dad, Keith’s song is all about understanding in retrospect why his father did things the way he did.

7. “You Should Be Here,” Cole Swindell, 2015

Grab the tissues, y’all. Cole recorded this track after his dad died unexpectedly in 2013. The heartbreaking number includes the line: “They say now you’re in a better place, and I would be, too, if I could see your face.”

8. “Ready, Set, Don’t Go,” Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus, 2007

It doesn’t get sweeter than a song about the love between a father and daughter. Miley and Billy Ray’s voices sound great together on this nostalgic track.

9. “It Won’t Be Like This for Long,” Darius Rucker, 2008

Darius sings about what it’s like to raise a daughter, from a newborn to grown woman. Even through the tough times, he reminds himself: “It won’t be like this for long.”

10. “Just Fishin’,” Trace Adkins, 2011

As a parent, even the seemingly mundane moments can be so meaningful. In Trace’s case, it’s catching fish with his daughter.

11. “Anything Like Me,” Brad Paisley, 2010

Brad’s popular tune will take you through all the stages of fatherhood, including the very beginning. The country superstar opens with the line: “I remember sayin’, ‘I don’t care either way, just as long as he or she is healthy, I’m okay.'”

12. “There You’ll Be,” Faith Hill, 2001

For those whose dads are no longer here, this tune will be a heartwarming reminder of your favorite guy. Faith’s voice sounds absolutely angelic in this song.

13. “Love Without End, Amen,” George Strait, 1990

Every parent can relate to this line: “Daddy’s don’t just love their children every now and then. It’s a love without end, amen, it’s a love without end, amen.”

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