Father's Day

12 Homemade Father’s Day Gifts that Kids can Make

For Dads, there’s nothing quite as meaningful as receiving a homemade Father’s Day gift from their child on their special day. Here are some thoughtful Father’s Day crafts as well as creative homemade Father’s Day card ideas that kids can make for Dads, step-dads, grandfathers, or any other influential father-figures. 


Father’s Day always falls on the 3rd Sunday in June.

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and I know your crafty kids are going to want to make something fabulous for Dad’s special day.

The Father’s Day gifts below are all easy to make, and the toddlers and preschoolers in my daycare have been VERY proud to give them to their Dads. And from what I’ve heard, their Dads were touched and honored to receive them.


Father's Day Crafts - Homemade Father's Day Gifts and Cards for Kids to Make


Before we dive into the gifts, let’s start with homemade Father’s Day cards that kids of all ages can make.

Each card involves a fun art process, and is the perfect accompaniment to the gift your child will give to Dad on his special day.

"You're TEE-rific" - Homemade Father's Day Card made with tie dyed paper towel t-shirt - Happy Hooligans

This tie-died tee-shirt card made with paper towels and liquid watercolours. It’s a great fine-motor art activity, and the end result is perfect for any tee-shirt loving Dad.

Shirt and Tie Father's Day Cards for Kids to Make

This shirt and tie card is a step up from the traditional shirt and tie card made entirely from construction paper. We used fabric scraps to make the ties for these cards so they really pop! Raid your fabric bin for scraps. The funkier the fabric, the better!

Bow Tie Father's Day Cards

These Paper Bow Tie Cards are so fun and easy to make! We’ll show you how to fold your bow ties and how to paint your own paper to look like fabric for the ties!

Coolest Pop Father's Day Card

Kids can tell Dad how “COOL” he is with these fun and easy popsicle Father’s Day cards. Toddlers and preschoolers will love dyeing the popsicles, and older kids will enjoy making these cards from start to finish.

Necktie Father's Day card that smells like shaving cream

This scented necktie Father’s Day card involves a fun shaving cream and food colouring process. Kids can decorate paper ties with this marbling process to create a homemade card that smells just like Dad does after a shave.


steps for making fathers day mug and bowl with tape resist

Tape Resist Mug and Bowl:  This tape resist process is a fun way to create a custom design for Dad. This was one of the Father’s Day gifts we made last year. It’s a matching mug and bowl set, personalized just for Dad.

Pour Painted Paper Weights Father's Day craft

We also have some cool paper mache bowls here that are great for holding pocket change, paper clips etc. Pour Painted Paper Weights:  Paper weights are always popular for Father’s Day.  Check out how we made these funky beach rock paper weights with a simple but fascinating pour-painting process!

painted rock paper weights for preschoolers and toddlers to make for Fathers Day

Painted Beach Stone Paper Weights:  These paper weights are so easy that even the toddlers will be able to make a gorgeous, handmade gift for Dad!

coffee can cd with CDs hanging for Father's Day Wind Chime

Coffee Can and CD Wind Chimes:  These wind chimes make a perfect Father’s Day gift for a Dad who loves music and coffee!  It’s a great way to repurpose some old CDs that don’t play anymore too!

Scratch Art Family Portrait:  What Dad wouldn’t love a hand-drawn family portrait from his child for Father’s Day?  This classic art technique is so easy and fun.  Place the finished artwork into an inexpensive frame, and your child will have a beautiful Father’s Day gift to present Dad with.

Sample word clouds for Father's Day gift

A framed word cloud is really fun and easy to make! With this easy-step-by-step tutorial, kids can choose a shape and fill it in with all kinds of words that describe their Dad. Pop your word cloud into a frame, and Dad will be honoured to display it on his desk or in his office.

Wool Wrapped Pen Holder to make for Father's Day

Wool Wrapped Pen Holder:  We used take-out coffee cups to make these colourful pen holders.  Have your child choose yarn in Dad’s favourite colours, and he’ll have a handy place to stash his pens and pencils at the office or at home.

Fridge magnets toddlers can make for Father's Day

Hand-Painted Fridge Magnets: This is one of my favourite Father’s Day gifts for toddlers to make.  It’s very easy to turn one of your child’s masterpieces into an original and beautiful fridge magnet!

homemade duct tape bookmarks

Homemade Duct Tape Bookmarks:  Bookmarks are fun to make, and they’re such a great gift for a parent who loves to read.  These duct tape bookmarks are super-easy to make for Father’s Day, and so fitting for Dad.  Dads love duct tape, right?

bottle cap bird house for father's day

Collect some bottle caps from Dad’s favourite beverages, and make a Bottle Cap Bird House for Father’s Day!  – Kids Stuff World (Unfortunately, the link no longer works, but the image above may inspire you none-the-less).

tee shirt with roads for father's day gift

This back massage tee-shirt is every Dad’s dream!  Ok, who’s kidding who?  I want one of these for Mother’s Day! – The Blue Basket

sharpie and tape resist mug for Dad

Kids can use permanent markers to make Dad this customized coffee mug for Father’s Day. – I Heart Arts n Crafts

Pop art mug kids can make for dad

And here’s one last creative Father’s Day craft that I absolutely adore!  Make “pop art” for your Pops! Simply trace a favourite photo of Dad, and then colour it in, and frame it or transfer it onto a mug.  What a fantastic personalized gift for Father’s Day!

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