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100+ Party Quotes That Make Your Life Entertaining

Party Quotes : A party is one of the best events to socialize and interact with people.
Whether you’re partying with your close friends or with strangers, chances are you are going to have one of the best times of your life.
Below is our collection of party motivational quotes, quotes about party with best friends, and funny party quotes that you can relate with.
So check out the quotes and you might find yourself using any of them as your Instagram or Facebook photo captions after joining a sick party.

Party Motivational Quotes

We humans always like to enjoy life. Nobody wants to be surrounded with so much stress from school or from work right? People also celebrate through parties for their achievements like getting promoted, passing the exam, winning a competition. Whatever reason you have when you’re parting, remember that what matters the most is you having fun. So here are party motivational quotes that might help your worries go away.


 It’s alright to work hard, as long as you don’t forget to party harder.

 From all those stress, you should really reward yourself with a party and some beer.

 Let your worries and problems go. You’re here to party so let’s all dance the night away.

 You don’t need to have a huge party with lots of guests to have fun. Sometimes all you need is good food, good music and good company that doesn’t give you a lot of stress.

 Tomorrow is going to be an ordinary here, so while you’re here enjoy the party, eat and drink as much as you want!

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 Live your life and live for the party. Life’s too short to live it in a boring way.

 A little fun never hurt anybody, and having a lot of fun never did either that’s why we party hard.


 I did a lot of partying back in the old days but my god I’m glad I still do these days!

 The irony of parties is the best place to be relax because all you see are people who are genuinely having the best time just like you.

Party Quotes That Will Make You Feel Young Again

 You deserve to have fun. Reward yourself from all your hard work because you did great!

 Laugh, love, drink and dance because that’s what partying is all about.

 People tend to forget how to have fun because life sucks, that’s parties remind people how to laugh, dance and enjoy.

 If you feel alone, go to a party. You might either find your one true love there, or the girl who will steal your heart for the night.


 Eat like a king, drink vodka, dance on the table, have fun like there’s no tomorrow because that’s parties are supposed to be and stick in the muds are not allowed.

 Live life to the fullest they say, so take it literally and go to parties.

 Life should not all be about work. So take it easy and join the party.

 Don’t worry about how soon the awesome night will end. Don’t worry about anything at all and just make it all worthwhile.

 Life won’t always be the party we dreamed of, but while we’re here let’s drink and dance the night away.

 It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young. If you’re in a party all that matter is to have a great time.

 You don’t have to be rich or sophisticated to enjoy a party because no matter what social status you’re in, you’re still going to get wasted in the end like everybody else.

 Have fun everyday like it’s a party so you’ll feel how enjoyable life can be as long as you enjoy yourself.

 If you’re just in a corner and watching people dance and drink, you can either join them or just stay there. It doesn’t really matter what you’re doing as long as you’re also enjoying the party.

 Don’t get upset if you didn’t get invited to a party. Just throw a huge and even better one!

 Feeling problematic? Go to a bar, get a drink, dance, and forget all about it tonight. There’s still plenty of time tomorrow.

 Don’t get sad after a party ends because there’s always more to come. Who knows there’s might even be another one tonight.

 Old people really love to party because it makes them feel young.

 In parties, you get to see genuine smiles and people having fun. Because like you, people came here to enjoy and forget the sad reality of life.

 Let people be. Let they enjoy what they do. Let them feel like everyday’s a party. Because life is too short to be worrying about problems.

 You may be the biggest nerd at school, but if you get invited to a party, make it an opportunity to show everyone that you’re the coolest guy in town.

 Do what you want and start having fun. It’s not my fault you were so boring.

Quotes About Party with Best Friends

Partying with strangers maybe fun, but doing it with best friends is even better! No more awkward talks or introductions. Just take a shot with your best friends and dance. They will always be with you and your crazy side even after the party ends. And it doesn’t stop there. You and your best friends are likely to talk about what you guys enjoyed. Here are quotes about party with best friends that you will surely like.

 True best friends will never let you do dumb things alone because they do it with you.

 Nothing can replace the memories you had partying with your best friends.

 All things come to an end except with my friends because we party all day and night every day.

 You don’t have everything if you don’t have crazy friends.

 Partying alone will never be enough you will always need crazy friends to back you up.

 Best friends plus party equals unlimited fun.

 Sleeping in bed is nice but sleeping on the streets with best friends after a party is priceless.

 Things to do in a party bring your best friends.

 The party will never be lit unless you and your best friends rain havoc to the party.

 How to test friendship is to go to a party go home super drunk but safely.

 Partying with best friends increases confidence and the possibility of you getting wasted.

 The parties don’t start till we storm in because our trail is a terrible mess.

 I won’t regret not attending to the party as long as I’m with my friends every day is a party.

 Let’s party and drink till dawn because my friend has a car and he doesn’t drink.

 Friends will automatically slap your face if you aren’t crazy enough to dance in a party.

 Friends get you drunk, best friends get you in trouble.

 To my awesome friends: you are pretty when you get drunk because I put makeup on your manly faces.

 All we know is we are having fun but we didn’t realize we were already making unforgettable memories.

 Incredible and unpredictably awesome things happen when best friends are around at a party.

 How to know if your friend is drunk? If they can still dance means more room for alcohol.

 Parties are lame without daring friends who’ll the craziest stuff with you.

 Best friends at a party well make you feel safe and threaten at the same time.

 Grab a chair and watch your friends party till dawn until they get wasted.

 Your drunk and still partying. And now you want to go home, your friends think otherwise.

 I want to invite my best friends to a party but I’m scared they might go crazy

 I hosted a party with fake alcohols just to see who among my friends acts drunk.

 If you and your friends can’t stop partying, then don’t. Party all night long.

 Best feeling ever entering a party with your best friends on your back.

 Stop worrying those beer wont drink it self your friends are there to send you home.

 Alcohol with friends beats alcohol with no friends. Being lonely pretty much sucks so drink and party with friends.

 Back off my best friend tends to go crazy after a few shots.

 Friends in party are like tequila you will never know when they hit you.

 Parties tend to go extreme with my dumb friends because make parties a lot more extraordinary.

 Friends and vodka are dangerous to your mental health.

 Stop pretending vodka taught you how to dance.

 Sleep is for the weak so I have no choice but to stay up til the party ends whenever my friends are with me. I don’t want to be called weak.

 Got the time to call your friends in a party? why not also call the ambulance just in case.

 My best friend is like Dory in a party; she just keeps drinking, just drinking. What does she do, she drinks.

 Partying with friends makes me remember every bit of the rosary.

 I don’t think I have memories with my friends partying every time I try I just can’t remember what happened.

 Friends are always there during the party, but best friends are there even after the party ends just to help you after getting wasted.

 I sometimes get anxiety when I stay home alone too often. That’s why I go to parties with my buddies and enjoy great company.

 My best friends are the worst sometimes. They make me drink until I’m drink, I get wasted, they take videos of me doing stupid things. But despite all that, I’m still glad they carry me home and even clean the mess I made.

 I don’t really like going to parties with families, but I do love partying with best friends because we like doing the things we love without criticizing us.

 My best friends are the best people to bring to a party because they carry me home when I can barely get up from being too drunk.

 I’ve always wanted to get my friends drunk. But unfortunately, they always get me drunk first.

Funny Party Quotes

Every party is fun and funny. There’ll always be laughs because everyone’s free to fool around and make fun of each other. What’s more is that people drink too much that they do the funniest and most stupid things that people won’t forget even after the party. So here are funny party quotes that you will enjoy reading and most likely relate with.

 Live in the present, make plans for the future, enjoy the party tonight.

 Here’s to the evening we won’t remember and the friends we will never forget.

 Beer only proves that God loves us because he gave us something to help us forget our problems for a bit.

 A little beer in a party never hurt anyone, so does vodka and getting wasted. Well maybe sometimes.

 Hear evil, speak evil, and you won’t have the chance to be invited to cocktail parties.

 I’m coming over so you better get this sick party started.

 You got to have life your way. If you aren’t losing your mind, you aren’t partying in the right place.

 Asking an introvert to go to a party is like asking a saint to go to Hell.

 We are going to enjoy this party like it was my birthday.

 I have an incurable Social Disease. I have to go out every night. If I stay home one night, I start spreading rumors to my dogs.

 When you’re the only happy person at the party, it’s time to leave the hell out.

 I’m going to party, see how drunk I can get and how many laws I can break. That’s my life motto.

 I know this is a fight, but the some of us are actually trying to pretend it’s a party.

 It is simple to decide on what is a no no at a party, such as gold mining or a pair of giant mallows, but deciding what is right is much harder.

 When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Then find someone who’s life is giving them tequila and have a freaking party with everyone.

 Going home so soon? I wouldn’t hear of it. Why my little party’s just beginning?

 If the party sucks, you are not partying enough. So party more and make it rock!

 The real party starts at 12 midnight so if you snooze you lose.

 You will never know how far two blocks are when you party with the master.

 A party is lame if you don’t get drunk, laugh and have some fun.

 Time is fast when you’re having fun partying but why does it feel like forever to enter the toilet.

 You’re not drunk enough if you still can’t dance.

 How to actually lose your salary and savings? Then host a party.

 Stop trying to party hard for you must also drink hard.

 Vodka is the best dance instructor. After having enough, you will soon know how good of a dancer you are.

 If life gives you lemon don’t waste it on a lemonade grab, a bottle of tequila, hit it with a pinch of salt and take it to the dance floor.

 Sometimes I feel like I don’t want to study I just want to party.

 Take it or leave it but never forget to take me to a party.

 A party is never to be missed like celery because it’s great for the nerves.

 Life is a party and I’m happy to get invited. Am I really that cool?

 Hey I invite you to a party in my pants. Get it?

 No use crying over spilled milk but can’t stop my tears after I spilled my vodka.

 Your partying like a slug if you don’t drink vodka from a mug.

 A party is no fun if I’m not dancing on a table.

 A party without chips, pizza and beer is nothing but a meeting.

 Cleaning people’s mess after a party is a good thing sometimes; because it only means I didn’t get wasted and I won’t get a hangover the next day.

 I don’t want to leave in the middle of a party because I still want to see everyone’s funny wasted asses.

 If you want to leave a party, then do it when everyone else had enough alcohol so that they’ll be too drunk to not care. But also make sure you don’t get drunk first.

 I think kids are more motivated to do better at school as long as you reward them with a cool party.

 You wanna know what’s the most unforgettable time I’ve had from parties? Filling the entire punch with so much gin that I got everyone easily drunk.

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