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10 Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day At Home & Ensure Mom Feels Special


On any typical Mother’s Day, my family would take my mom out to brunch, go to stores where she likes to shop and—in general—spend the day making sure she feels loved and relaxed. When you’re stuck inside your homes, however, continuing some Mother’s Day traditions can seem impossible. Rather than feeling frustrated or upset, though, try to focus on the new traditions and fun things that can come out of having to adjust your usual plans. Plus, there are so many easy at-home Mother’s Day ideas to try, you might even find yourself having more fun with your mom than ever before. Having Mother’s Day at home might sound like a challenge, but it’s one we’re willing to take head-on—and we’ve got 10 different ideas to prove it.

From the classic breakfast in bed (a gift you can give no matter your stay-at-home situation!) to unique virtual experiences that will transport your mom to different places around the world—without her ever leaving the couch—there are so many easy and creative ways to make an at-home Mother’s Day the most special one yet. So many traditions just take a little adjusting, but you can make them work while staying in your home (or the backyard). Try a new recipe together or have a picnic in the backyard. Embrace the situation you’re in, and you’re sure to have a Mother’s Day celebration you (or your mom) won’t soon forget.

1. Make Her Breakfast In Bed

Ah, breakfast in bed. It’s a go-to Mother’s Day move—even if you’re not stuck at home. You can get up early to make your mom a delicious homemade breakfast she’ll love or even prep a make-ahead breakfast the night before (if you’re not a morning person). Of course, if you’re not a total badass in the kitchen, we recommend having a fruity Edible Arrangement sent to your mom. It’s a bouquet that she can also eat for breakfast—and you didn’t have to make it.

2. Look Through Family Memories

Got a huge stack of scrapbooks lying around from when you were a tot? This Mother’s Day is the perfect time to gather ’round, crack open the photo albums, load up the home videos and soak in the memories of yesteryear. This is also a great opportunity to have your mom show you photos and videos of herself when she was young—and listen to her recount tales you’ll want to pass on to future generations. Just don’t be surprised if your mom tells you a scandalous story or two from her youth.

3. Have A DIY Wine Tasting

If your mom is anything like mine, she always has various bottles of wine around the house that have yet to be opened. For an at-home Mother’s Day, take the opportunity to break out the wine-opener, pop some bottles and host your own DIY wine tasting. The best part? You don’t even have to know anything about wine. Just spend some time laughing with your mom, making up what “notes” you taste in each glass. Alternatively, if your mom is a big wine-lover, you could always gift her a wine subscription membership and then have a tasting at home with the bottles she’s sent!

4. Try An Airbnb Online Experience

Take a trip with your mom—without ever leaving the house. Right now, Airbnb is offering virtual experiences of all kinds that you can easily gift to your mom and enjoy with her. From family baking experiences that’ll get everyone in the kitchen to meditation with a Japanese Buddhist Monk (!!), there are so many different options from which to choose. You and your mom can experience different cultures at the click of a button.

5. Have A Game Night

Gather the family around the kitchen table and have a good old-fashioned game night. Watch your mom use her strategic thinking and people-reading skills in a game of Clue or witness her take over the entire board of Monopoly. You can even try playing some virtual or online games with the fam—Just mirror someone’s laptop to the TV or hook up a game console. The game Quiplash is a great online option that gets everyone in a group involved, and can easily be played on a PC, Mac or Linux computer.

6. Try DIY Flower Arranging

Help your mom create her dream bouquet by having an at-home DIY flower arranging sesh. You can either grab some flowers if you’re able to go to the store or order your mom’s faves from an online site—We’re big fans of 1-800-Flowers—and have them delivered right to your door. This is a chance to play with different arrangements and create something beautiful your mom can look at even after Mother’s Day is over.

7. Have An At-Home Spa Day

Gifting your mom a trip to the spa or a special spa day treatment is a classic Mother’s Day scenario. However, if you’re staying at home, it can feel like this isn’t an option. With a little creativity, though, you can create the ultimate in-home spa day for your mom (and you, too). Simply grab her favorite nail polish color, find a fun face mask you can both use and prepare for a day of relaxation. Who knows—This might become your new Mother’s Day tradition.

8. Cook A Meal Together

Whether your mom is an avid chef who holds hundreds of family recipes in her head or only has three go-to recipes she can make (like my mom—No shame!), taking some time to cook a meal together can be a wonderful Mother’s Day treat. Pick a recipe that sounds amazing to the whole family and try your hand at it. You can also try a meal delivery subscription, pick the meals that sound the best, and make those together, as well. It doesn’t matter what you make, as long as you’re spending time together. (It’s cheesy, but it’s true!)

9. Have A Crafts Night

While many of us may consider Mother’s Day crafting something best left for the kiddos, that’s simply not the case. Whether it’s a wine and paint night or using old magazines to scrapbook and collage, there are so many easy and fun crafts you can do with your mom—no matter your age. Take some time to let out your creative side with your mom and make something you might even want to frame.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a backyard, use it! Grab a picnic blanket or pool towel, make a gorgeous cheese board, swipe a bottle of wine and head outside with your mom to soak in the sun. Or, if cheese plates aren’t quite your style, you can always grill up some burgers and have a cookout picnic on the lawn. The possibilities with this one are endless, but they all result in a fun, sun-filled day with your mom.

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