Father's Day

10 Hilarious Father’s Day Memes That Will Make Dad LOL

If there is anyone in your life who appreciates a good (or corny) joke, it’s your dad. And what better gift to give him on Father’s Day than a good laugh with one of our favorite Father’s Day memes and jokes? Well, actually, pick out a real present from our Father’s Day gift guide (or whip up a DIY Father’s Day gift), and then share one of these funny memes and jokes with him. Be warned: this are some classic dad jokes — your dad will definitely be telling them again next year.

Whether you’re looking for something to write in your Father’s Day card or something that will make your dad laugh out loud, send him one of these memes (or if he’s not technically inclined, maybe you can save both of you some frustration and show him on your phone). From Star Wars references to witty comments, he can’t resist laughing along with you. And yes, there are plenty of puns.

1. A Girl Who *Really* Loves Her Dad

It’s the thought that counts, right? In any case, we think your pops may prefer a car wash over this.

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2. World’s Greatest Dad

Dad, we love you, but this meme makes a great point …

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3. One For the Dog Dads

Dogs and dads — now that’s a very special bond.

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4. The Definition of Dad Humor

If you want to steal this line for your father’s day card, your secret is safe with us.

Father's Day Humor

5. Mother’s Day Vs. Father’s Day

This may be true. But at least you’re getting dad something he’ll use.

Mother's Day vs. Father's Day goodhousemag

6. Carson’s Origin Story

Something tells us he’s going to be a good dad.

Best dad joke ever

7. For Candy-Loving Dads

Is it even a road trip without one of these reaches?

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8. The Ultimate Pun

You have to respect this dad, because this is peak pun status.

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9. Dad Joke Reactions

If you have a dad who loves telling his “dad jokes,” then this scene is definitely familiar to you.

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10. Like Father, Like Daughter

Now this is a joke that fathers and their look alike daughters can both get a kick out of.

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