columbus day banned
Columbus Day

Columbus Day Banned

Columbus Day Banned: Today is Columbus Day — besides in a developing number of urban areas and states that rather perceive Indigenous People’s Day. This pattern is a tragic turn of events. There is no specific explanation the United States needs to observe Christopher Columbus’ appearance in the New World. In any of his journeys, […]

columbus day background
Columbus Day

Columbus Day Background

Columbus Day Background: Columbus Day is a federal U.S. holiday that commemorates the voyage and landing of Italian explorer Christopher Columbus in the “New World” on October 12, 1492. The anniversary of his landing in what would eventually be known the Americas was first formally celebrated 300 years later, in 1792, by the Columbian Order (Society of St. Tammany) in New […]

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Best Legends of Tomorrow Quotes 2021

“One person acting alone can’t save the world.” — Rip Hunter, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Season 1: Blood Ties “You have her strength, and the strength of all others who’ve come before her. But there is danger coming, and your people need to stand up for them.” — Amaya Jiwe, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Season 3: Guest Starring John Noble “Zari Tomaz: Wait, […]

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Best Glitter Quotes 2021

The term glitter is often used as an emotion by adults and kids to symbolize celebration and motivation. Glitter is a reflective granular shiny particle that comes in all sizes and colors. Glitter symbolizes love, adventure, and extravagance. Sometimes, words that express energy and brightness spread positive vibes and uplift moods to make our day […]

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Best Witcher 3 Quotes 2021

Why didn’t you become a sorcerer, Geralt? Weren’t you ever attracted by the Art? Be honest.’ ‘I will. I was.’ ‘Why, then, didn’t you follow the voice of that attraction?’ ‘I decided it would be wiser to follow the voice of good sense.’ ‘Meaning?’ ‘Years of practice in the witcher’s trade have taught me not […]

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Best Never Settle Quotes 2021

01 “Never settle for anything less than your best.” 02 “Never settle for less than you desire or deserve because when you except crumbs people will assume that you will be happy with scraps.” – Stacye Branche 03 “Rule number 1; never be someone’s number 2.” 04 “Never settle for less than your dreams, somewhere, […]