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Best Frank Gallagher Quotes

Frank Gallagher Quotes “Doing things you don’t want to do is how you make a relationship work.” — Frank Gallagher, Shameless, Shameless Season 3: The Helpful Gallaghers “Don’t let your emotions completely obscure the barbaric roots of the sexual act. Don’t lose touch with the seeds of our animal nature.” — Frank Gallagher, Shameless, Shameless Season 3: The Helpful Gallaghers “Love is not […]

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Best ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’ Quotes

‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’ Quotes Renowned for his puritanical preaching, John Bunyan is a writer par excellence. He has essentially been an advocate of puritan faith in God and his compositions speak volumes about his theological ideologies. Among all his narratives, ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’ has been hailed as his magnum opus. The story of spiritual reformation […]

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Best Abandonment Quotes

The abandoned feeling is painful. It can be physical or psychological. If you ask me to describe abandoned, it is indeed a painstaking feeling to be left alone with no care, protection, and support. Like, fathers who abandon their children, daughters abandoned by fathers, friends whom you trusted, that heartwrenching feel of being left in […]

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Best Lucretia Mott Quotes

Lucretia Mott was a renowned American nineteenth-century social activist. In 1865, Mott fought for the right those enslaved to vote.  She also upheld women’s rights on equality. Here you’ll find some great Lucretia Mott abolitionist quotes, plus Lucretia Mott quotes about women’s suffrage. She was an incredibly inspiring figure who remains important today. Quotes From […]

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Best Blade Runner 2049 Quotes

Blade Runner 2049 Quotes 10“GOD DAMN IT!” Obviously “God damn it” isn’t a great movie quote. It’s a very common saying in everyday life, and hundreds–potentially even thousands–of movies have used it. But none to the resulting popularity of Blade Runner 2049. K screams the phrase after learning that his memory is real, thinking it means he’s the child […]

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Metal Halloween Decorations

Metal Halloween Decorations: Ah, Halloween: It’s the one time of the year when your goal is to make your home as imposing as possible. Although you might already have your costume planned, it’s officially time to start thinking about your yard. Although you could just carve up a few jack-o’-lanterns and prop up a hay bale or two—and, […]

Halloween Halloween Celebrations

Life Size Halloween Props

Life Size Halloween Props: Nothing sets the tone for a spirited Halloween like life-size figures from Grandin Road. Find realistic, life-size Halloween decor to greet every trick-or-treater in spooky style. Life-Size Halloween Statues and Figures Calling all Halloween spirits to come out and play on the most exciting night of the season! From animated reapers […]